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Forums - Sports Discussion - How well did your nation perform at the olympics?

USA - 121 medals (46 Gold, 37 Silver, 38 Bronze). Lots of highs (Michael Phelps adding 5 Gold and 1 Silver to his 28 total medals), Gwen Jorgensen winning the US it's 1st Triathlon Gold medal ever), some disappointments (Beach Volleyball and Indoor Volleyball teams missing the Gold Medal games - but still taking Bronze, so not terribly disappointing), but also a huge low in one of our swimmers, Ryan Lochte, claiming to have been robbed at gunpoint only for it later to be discovered he had trashed a gas station rest room. Aside from that last embarrassment it was a great Summer Olympics for the US. An 18 medal improvement from London (9 more Silver, 9 more Bronze).

I'm sad to see the games have come to an end. I was enjoying watching it from day to day whenever I could. And not just to see the athlete's from my own country. Absolutely love watching Usain Bolt of Jamaica run in particular. He is amazingly fast. I was happy to see him win 3 Gold medals in Rio to give him 9 Olympic Gold medals total.

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Rogerioandrade said:
Dadrik said:

Brazil did pretty good imo, but I was wondering, is there a lot of focus on sports there apart from Football ?
Also, great job on the pole vault, that final jump from da Silva was insane, and broke our hearts in France :P
It was quite a performance.

Football is the only sport that has a huge focus here. 

All the other sports are majoritary ignored by the media AND audiences - so the bad behavior of people in events like gymnastics, table tennis, swimming etc. People don´t know how those sports work, they´re only seen on Tv during Olympic Games or Panamerican Games, with a few exceptions. So they think that football rivalries apply to everything. (As a brazilian, I fell embarrassed)

Most sports here suffer lack of public interest and lack of incentiments. There are a few public programs that help athletes to have a way of living - the most notable is the Armed Forces program - hence the military poses on many medal ceremonies by brazilian athletes, and anohter program that takes part of the national lottery sales to fund and keep our national federations. These programs really help athletes to stand out in sports like gymastics and handball, b ut on clubs/schools/universities the situation is really complicated. We´re too dependent on the casual discovery of talents rather than producing talents.

Oh, that's kinda what I thought but it's pretty sad imo, Brazil has a lot of talented athletes, they could use some support and focus :/

But yeah, Football is so big for this country, it pretty much takes all the place. Congrats on the gold too, btw !

Don't worry, it was expected to be honest, sports fan are extremely passionate in Brazil, and as you said they don't really know how Olympian sports work, it's okay, don't worry. In France we're not the best either when it comes to respect in stadiums to be honest. Well, in Football and Rugby, for the most part.

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Brazil best results since...ever.13rd colocation with 19 medals,7 gold,6 silver and 6 bronze

I was expecting at least one gold medal for my country Lithuania, so i'm a little disappointed - 1 silver & 3 bronze. In London we had 2 gold medal.

Jamaica got 11 medals, 6 of which are gold which our average I think. We dominate sprinting and pretty much don't bother with anything else and I think its pretty dumb considering we would probably do well at other things too... but nah, everything just wants to be like Bolt.

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Well Germany did a little better than I expected, since it started off pretty badly. Some unexpected gold medals and some disastrous performances in swimming and track and field stuff.

Well, Finland had their worst summer olympics ever, so not very good.

Metroid33slayer said:
The Fury said:

GB&NI - Best away games ever, we won loads in the cycling as we usually do which helps. Lottery Funding is really starting to show how it has improved things. But there was concern raised as the funding is also based on performance so while things like Cycling gets loads of money, Volley Ball or Table Tennis won't get any because we don't do well in those sports.

According to the BBC show before the closing I watch yesterday, there were more nations with golds and medals in general than there usually are.

No matter how much money we throw at table tennis we're not going to beat the chinese and volleyball only has two medals up for grabs.

4 medals, hockey only has 2 and we won one of those. :) But I get your point on Table Tennis. 

Hmm, pie.

121 medals lol

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I do not live in The UK, but our boys and girls were jolly good!