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Forums - Sports Discussion - How well did your nation perform at the olympics?

I'm Colombian, and since our government shows zero interest in any sport different than football, our people struggle really hard to get there, in my opinion, we were both better and worst, while we got 3 Golds (our national record), in total we got 8 medals (3G, 2S, 3B), the same as in London (1G, 3S, 4B), knowing the fact that people who won medal in London underperformed here. Aside everything, we expected just two golds which became reality (BMX and Triple Jump), the third one (Weightlifting) was a surprise.

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Australia did awfully for the 2nd Olympics in a row, especially in the pool. If your country won medals in the swimming that they weren't expected to it was probably supposed to be ours.
Then our Mens basketball team choked, we should have won silver. How we lost to fucking Serbia in that semi I have no idea -_-
At least we had one real high, one of our girls won gold in the modern decathlon. We had never even medalled in that sport and nobody expected her too either.

We came out on top. I expected nothing less.

As others have said we came second in the medals table with our best ever result away from home, and the first country to up its medals tally immediately after hosting, and our athletes have become heroes... yeah, not too bad!


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Ugh India did pathetically. A country of a billion people, and we can only muster up a handful of medals. I blame the non-existent sports infrastructure in India, the athletes themselves are full of passion and spirit! Go Team bring on Tokyo 2020!

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We got our first gold medal in the history of participating at the Olympics, so I'll say we did much better than expected.

NobleTeam360 said:
United Staes, were predicted to get 108 medals and wound up with 121. So pretty good, Nobody was near our team in terms of total medals or even Gold medals. So I would say our team pretty much dominated.

USA Dominated in swimming and athletics massively, other countries ouperformed the USA in others area's but the USA will always be top when they are winning 16 golds in swimming and 13 in athletics.

Rogerioandrade said:
My country did ...... how could I say it..... what was expected.
7 gold medals and 13th place overall was a good result . Lower than projections, but accurate with the reality of the sport here - considering how poor sports incentives are in Brazil, and will continue to be.
Overall we got 19 medals, which is the highest ever for the country but only two medals better than London 2012, and that was dissapointing considering how well host countries tend to perform. We could get something around 23-26 medals
Our Olympic Committee had a top-10 finish as a goal, which was something too optimistic. So I´d say we did good. Not bad but not excellent either.

It seems that the President has cut the money sent for the athletes after the end of the Olympic Games. Despite the lack of investiment in some areas of the sport, the program was the highest value($) of this kind.

fory77 said:
AZWification said:

I was looking the other day at medal tables from past Olympics Games and it's amazing how both Romania and Bulgaria would constantly show up in the top 10 during the communist times.

Yeah, would be nice if it were still so, except for the whole communism thing.

Maybe in 100 years we'll rise once again and win all them medals! Maybe..

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Mr_No said:
We got our first gold medal in the history of participating at the Olympics, so I'll say we did much better than expected.

This.  It's a shame what happened to Culson, though. We might've won another medal.