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disolitude said:

I need your help here guys.

Gaming isn't as fun as it used to be and no matter what I try to do I just don't enjoy it...Its something that has been slowly building up for the past 2-3 years and I am finally at a point where I do not enjoy gaming at all.

I have all the money necessary to buy consoles and best games that the industry has to offer, but ithe concept of gaming just isn't engaging to me anymore. It's either too tedious, too slow, not fun, too stressful or a combination of things. When I have spare time that I used to dedicate to gaming I usually find myself reading books, watching sports, even doing house work...all before I would consider booting up a game or two.  

Is the party over? Has anyone lost their gaming mojo and somehow eventually got it back? Should I just accept its over and move on?


literally try to convince friends to play a multiplayer game, or try to find friends online in a new multiplayer game.

They will fill in the boring gaps with conversation and will make achievements all the more memorable.

Eventually you will find gaming entertaining again, because your mindset is changed. No longer is the game on to make you laugh or awed, the game is on because it's a fun way to waste time.

games like smash bros, mario kart, halo, fifa, driveclub, hearthstone, and even cod (especially the zombies mode).

The biggest reason why these games sell is because they are entertaining to everyone, even people who aren't to into video games

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I haven't played games as often as I used to for quite some time. I'm actually just getting back into it. To be honest, with me it just comes and goes. The best thing to do is to not really press it when you're not feeling like gaming and then just come back when you're ready.

Play nintendo

Play nintendo

I seldom have lust to play during the week, after work, not because I feel tired, it somehow just doesn't fit. On week-ends I have more lust but often do other activities. My basic problem is that I set myself under pressure, I always want to master the game (i.e. play through it with 100%) and I'm ending not playing at all until that vibe comes back, sometimes my breaks last for months but they always end! I can't change it, it's my character. The last game which brought me back is NES Remix! I love it!

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jason1637 said:
Play nintendo

He has a wiiu so thatwon't help him that much.

stop playing for a long time you will miss it don't try to play through it you will just hate it that much more

disolitude said:

Really great advice. Yeah I do have a lot of games, but I get them with every intention to finish them. I just stop having fun with a title, so next time I play in week or two, I buy another one. I usually stick to the known genres that I enjoy. I've been gaming for almost 30 years so I won't like JRPGs all of a sudden out of the blue. :)

I think that focusing on a single title or couple games at a time may be benefiaical. The problem is that the games these days are massive. At the rate I am playing games I could play the Master Chief Collecton for a year and still not be done with it.

Funny thing is that the selection of games at my disposal is only going to get larger as  I own 140+ Xbox 360 digital games which I can't access since I sold my 360. Backwards compatibility for Xbone will be rough. lol

I kinda wanna piggyback on this point, because it's 100% true and it's affected myself as well. I have a very bad collector mentality that makes me want to get all the things that I'm interested and it sometimes frames the hobby differently. I would probably play and finish more games if I owned less of them.

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POE said:
Play nintendo

jason1637 said:
Play nintendo


Goodnightmoon said:

Play Nintendo, you will recover yourself instantly, it happened to me before.

exdeath said:

Play Ni no Kuni or something tragic and heartwarming and try to back away from mainstream AAA shovelware a bit.

I feel you. Many great franchises, developers, and genres died in the great online only versus photosimulator green and brown shooter mainstream AAA bro gamer focused 7th gen.  Seriously the average 7th gen "gamer" can be summed up by the 20-30 yr old guy you see that still wears raiders tank tops like hes in highschool and grabs his crotch in displays of manliness.  Youve smelled the AXE at Gamestop Im sure.

I know Halo 17 and Transformers: Another Movie Game will not do it for you.  Trust me.  These are exactly the types of games burning you out.  

Play something niche and charming.  Play something cute and colorful that uses colors other than green and brown.  Be a kid again and remember what it was like playing VIDEO GAMES instead of real life and military sims.

Going back to what made you love gaming in the first place is hard when everyone has dollar signs in their eyesto be the next COD or Angry Birds.

Play something like Xenoblade Chronicles and just relax and take in the scenery and invest your heart into the characters and world no matter how slow it seems.  Its worth it. A good JRPG is a soul shaking experience.

And Nintendo games.  Single player, offline, no stress of achievements, gamer scores, frags, K/D, competition or any of that crap that has ruined it for all of us.  There is too much competition and too many competition inducing metagames (eg achievements)  contributing to the burnout. 

This pretty much.


I love "mature" games with a great story or setting, i love getting trophies but having fun Nintendo games is a must, you can't just play TLoU, Metro 2033 and Assassin's Creed for example in a row without some Mario Kart, NSMBU & Donkey Kong in the middle or i'll get tired of playing games.

Sprash said:

use this formel:

games you have played in your life/your age*consoles you own= score from metacritic games you should buy

Um. If I use that formula I get either 12 or 30 (depending on whether you mean current consoles or all time)


Also I came in here to add to the Civilization 5 suggestions.