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AZWification said:

What WiiU games have you played, disolitude?

I have played the following:

Sonic Lost World, ZombiU, Super Mario BrosU, Bayonetta 2 and Mario Kart 8.

Not many as of late. 

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Play some space quest.

Yoshi's Wooly world will cure all. Also multiplayer in the same house are really fun and Captain Toad treasure tracker is cute fun and charming.

Are you sure you prefer doing other stuff instead of gaming? Are you focused and motivated? Is there any other reason, something that might have happened, that made you lose interest? After you rule out these possible motives, then you can be sure that gaming has lost some flare.

From a few years ago to around 1 year ago, I played mostly sports games, fast and quick sessions and then was too bored for anything else. Then I tried playing indies and my interest got back and then I got a PS4 and have been playing a healthy dose.

The thing is, I still fill extremely bored sometimes. Today I tried Teraway Unfolded and I loved it, but at the same time I was very unexcited with it. The thing is that currently I am not feeling well, and I am at this forum now instead of playing one of the amazing games I have because I am not motivated to do so.

All of this to say that if you like doing something but then you lose interest may be because of inner lack of interest in things in general. If that is not your case, then consider giving it a pause to gaming and maybe you won't get back to it ever again. And that's fine.

Sprash said:
jason1637 said:
Sprash said:

He has a wiiu so thatwon't help him that much.

I said play nintendo. So i mean nintendo nes snes gcn wii wii u gameboy color and advanced ds 3ds virtual boy.

"I've been a gamer since the late 80s and have thoroughly enjoyed every gen until the last one"

so, I guess he also played on a fair share of nintendo consoles in the past (?), but even so, I think your comment is a bit to simple and useless if you really want to help him you have to write more than just "ah well play nintendo"

Play destiny or an mmo bec uz when u play an mmo you have to be comitted to it and its fun.

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Goodnightmoon said:

Play Nintendo, you will recover yourself instantly, it happened to me before.

I know that people tend to look down on the Wii. But if it wasn't for games such as Zack and Wiki, Muramasa, Mario Galaxy, Wii Sport etc, I wouldn't be gaming today. I hadn't played games for about two years, before getting my Wii.  

Personally there are periods (sometimes years) where I barely play, I just do other stuff... however, I always keep myself informed of what's going on in the industry and even during those periods I will play 1 or 2 new games a year (or replay some old favorites)...  It's not a job you know, you can leave it and nobody will hold it against you...

disolitude said:

I need your help here guys.

Gaming isn't as fun as it used to be and no matter what I try to do I just don't enjoy it...Its something that has been slowly building up for the past 2-3 years and I am finally at a point where I do not enjoy gaming at all.

I have all the money necessary to buy consoles and best games that the industry has to offer, but ithe concept of gaming just isn't engaging to me anymore. It's either too tedious, too slow, not fun, too stressful or a combination of things. When I have spare time that I used to dedicate to gaming I usually find myself reading books, watching sports, even doing house work...all before I would consider booting up a game or two.  

Is the party over? Has anyone lost their gaming mojo and somehow eventually got it back? Should I just accept its over and move on?

Now it's time for you to make a game, one you feel would really turn you on, get your mojo burning.

Otherwise you could try music, it's kind of like playing video games but you can play in a jam session and it's a great experience.

Take a break, six to twelve months. I did this twice in my life to rediscover love of gaming. Sometimes you just burn out on things you enjoy.

just play dota 2 and play it a lot.