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Some people grow out of their past hobbies, so you wouldn't be the first.

If you want to get back into gaming though, maybe play some games that you really enjoyed before? I had a lot of fun playing some DS games that I've beaten a while back and restarted

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rolltide101x said:

Step 1 Get a gaming PC
Step 2 Install Civilization 5
Step 3 Play Civilization 5

It is just do easy to get into. (also Nintendo games are good for this)

This is what I do when I feel jaded with gaming.

freebs2 said:
disolitude said:
Wow, I really appreciate the feedback. Lots of great ideas and suggestions here...

I've been a gamer since the late 80s and have thoroughly enjoyed every gen until the last one (X360, PS3). The last gen was when this began and I went from going crazy with anticipation and calling in sick at work to play Halo 3 on day 1, to being completely meh about Halo 4 for example. It didn't matter if games were SP or MP, I just didn't find them as enjoyable as before.

Fast forward to this gen and 2015 and I am literally unable and unwilling to finish any game I play. I have over 50 games for Xbox One and WiiU ranging from fun indies to "AAA" ones, to Peggle. Only games I played beginning to end this gen and had fun with it was Dead Rising 3 and ZombiU.

I also play maybe for an hour every 2 weeks, so I am not really saturating my spare time with gaming.

What I think I'll do is ride out this holiday season. If Halo 5 doesn't do it for me, and Transformers Devastation sucks and few others are just not enjoyable, I'll go off the grid for 3-6 months. That way I'll see if time off helps...and if not, I think that's gonna be all she wrote for me.

50 games in about 2 years is a lot. Maybe, one of the problems is that you have too many games. It may seem strange but since it's only natural you want to spend more spare time on other activities, if you have too many games (more than what is possible to play in the time you feel 'acceptable' to dedicate to games) you won't likely feel compelled to invest enough time in a single title.

Most good games require some time before you get really involved (I'm thinking of Demon Souls for example), if you have too much choice, you'll likely swich from one game to another before you can really get the grasp of it. The same thing happened to me some year ago when I decided to pirate games for a certain console; I went form buying only a few games per year to having all the possible games I could want, but in the end I started abandoning games halfway and I was becoming disengaged.

Imo, to make gaming fun again you should become much more selective when you buy games. You should be well aware of your tastes, and put them before anything else, avoid impulsive buys or to buy a game just because it's critically praised (After all, ZombiU and Dead Rising 3 got a lukewarm reception from the media).

Another suggestion, if you can, is to share your passion with some other player in real life. Writing on forums is fun but it's not quite like playing and talking about games with friends. Sharing is a great part of the enjoyment.

Really great advice. Yeah I do have a lot of games, but I get them with every intention to finish them. I just stop having fun with a title, so next time I play in week or two, I buy another one. I usually stick to the known genres that I enjoy. I've been gaming for almost 30 years so I won't like JRPGs all of a sudden out of the blue. :)

I think that focusing on a single title or couple games at a time may be benefiaical. The problem is that the games these days are massive. At the rate I am playing games I could play the Master Chief Collecton for a year and still not be done with it.

Funny thing is that the selection of games at my disposal is only going to get larger as  I own 140+ Xbox 360 digital games which I can't access since I sold my 360. Backwards compatibility for Xbone will be rough. lol

I took a brake and when I returned I played only one game at a time, and only Xbox live arcade titles, and that helped kick start my interest.

I've been there myself but I soon got back into it. Some stuff that works for me:

  • Don't put too much weight into what the media, Metacritic or other people think you should or shouldn't play. At the end of the day there's only one person who truly knows what you enjoy and that person is you.
  • Casual games are great. Haters can seriously go fuck themselves.
  • Play some older games. I probably wouldn't be gaming anymore if it weren't for my retro library and for that very reason I don't mind paying €7 for Gameboy Advance titles despite them being old.
  • Never force yourself to play a game. Gaming is a hobby, a form of entertainment and should be enjoyable. If it isn't then you're doing it wrong.
  • You don't have to be a "gamer". Ignore the cultists.
  • Most gaming forums are extremely hostile places and if you feel like you're losing interest in gaming a video game forum is probably the last place you should visit. Even the relatively peaceful VGChartz can drain your happiness away in mere seconds if you aren't careful.
  • It's not the end of the day if you don't play that many different games or dedicate a large part of your gaming time playing the same game(s). Quality > Quantity.

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i'd suggest rocket league.

i know the feeling and i've been there too although maybe not as bad as you described. but rocket league is really great and i just can't stop playing.

also taking a break helps. make sure the break doesn't mean watching TV though. do something completely different like a physical sport or building furniture or whatever intrigues you. everyone needs a variety of of experiences in their life and too much screen time leads to sadness imo.

personally i balance video games with swing dancing and hockey.  i tend to rotate around between which of those 3 hobbies i'm "most dedicated" to over the course of a year.

RavenXtra said:

By not coming here. Joking but seriously, I feel like going to video game forums started to make me care about aspects of games that I never really ever thought about before. I feel like if I wasn't so involved in the community I wouldn't be as picky.

I 100% agree with this. Damn that AF and 2fps drop.


The PS5 Exists. 

Well, step one is to realise that it's actually okay to not be all over video games. There's a ton of other stuff out there that's really cool, and even the satisfaction of having your place being reasonably clean and shiny isn't less valid than the satisfaction you might get from playing a given game. If you truly are not that interested in games that much anymore, then roll with it and use it as a chance to expand your horizons! Just don't be stuck in the notion that you are a gamer, and hence you must game; nothing is that static in life.

Having said that, if you do want to rekindle that love, then here's some things I would do:
1) Spend less time with the media - Everything is advertised to hell and back these days, to the point where many games we buy don't hold many surprises for us. And it's easy to blame the media, publishers, etc., but you can reclaim some magic by choosing to ignore all that noise and savour the surprise!

2) Spend less time on forums - Seriously, wading through the Internet day in and day out can be quite the drag.

3) Buy fewer games - As freebs2 mentioned, you don't really get the time to dedicate yourself to a single game. But additionally, choice isn't all that it's made out to be. The more games you have to play, the more you will also always be wishing you were playing something else--something better--than what you are playing now. So stop buying games from Steam sales, Humble Bundles, etc., because it's souring your experience more than it's helping it.

4) Try something new - I talked about how things change in life, and so do your tastes in gaming! E.g. since I finished my education, got a job, and all that jazz, I've started to prefer games that are more relaxed and don't have so many preset goals. These days I'm more likely to enjoy a game where I can take something away from it that I can use in the real world (learning new ideas, seeing things from new perspectives, and so on) than some action pumped AAA title (sidenote: the last episode of Life is Strange is coming out in two weeks, and I'm psyched!)

5) Try something really new - Video games not cutting the mustard? Try some board games! Or some roleplaying! Games is much more than video games

6) Find out what designs you don't like - For me, the word "addictive" has become a warning signal. You'll read many reviews about how games are addictive, but in my mind, that's most likely a sign that a game is catering more to your compulsive behaviours rather than actually being playful. The Assassin's Creed games are a great example of games that will litter the map with stuff to do, but much of that "content" amounts to nothing more than watching numbers go up. Become aware of the design cruft out there and don't be afraid to ignore it, even it means you don't get all the achievements; it just means your experience will be more focused on the stuff that's actually fun.

I'm sure there's more, but that's what I can think of off the top of my head.

Strategy games is a viable Avenue. It is a completely different type of game experience and should reinvigorate you if you isn't there already. If you are new to the genre I would say the total war franchise or company of heroes would make for great introductions, whereas if you are already experienced you should pick up hearts of iron if you like ww2 settings. This is about managing nearly every aspect in any one country you want in the period to rewrite history. Or europa universalis 4 for the medieval version with a larger emphasis on diplomacy and generally being a backstabbing bastard.

I was like you.
when i realized how fun are the 2d plataformers.
when i played rayman legends, DKCTF and some good indies, returned all the fun from my favorite gaming era.
dragons crown on ps3 also.
splatoon was a great surprise. and playing smash and mario kart with friends is also really fun!(as fun as in GC era, and more than on wii)