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    Xbox One owners: Are you guys excited for Project Scarlett?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 August 2019

    I'm super excited. This generation has brought some fantastic games and the service of back-compat, I believe MS will only build upon this in the next generation. The value I get from a new console right now is so strong that it's a no-brainer for me. And I get to play the new Halo 🙂. ...

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    House minority leader trying to blame video games for mass shootings. Update: Walmart pulls violent video game ads for 2 weeks

    in Politics Discussion on 16 August 2019

    VAMatt said: https://medium.com/handwaving-freakoutery/everybodys-lying-about-the-link-between-gun-ownership-and-homicide-1108ed400be5And here's one from notoriously anti-gun WaPo https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/02/14/most-americans-incorrectly-think-gun-homicides-have-gotten-worse-not-better/%3foutputType=amp But none of those statistics are...

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    Xbox is the 87th Most Valuable Brand in the world

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 August 2019

    I also think Xbox has a larger recognition amongst PC gamers since it's so interconnected with Microsoft. Playing Xbox has somehow also been synonymous with playing games along many gamers I think. ...

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    The Stagnant Working Class

    in Politics Discussion on 20 July 2019

    A room that doesn't understand that what is referred to as "capitalism" is a result of social liberal policies that, together with capitalism, helps push innovation, education and wealth in society. It also completely fails to address the inequality of the system, and that is a relative term, not something absolute. ...

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    The US Politics |OT|

    in Politics Discussion on 18 July 2019

    When a country gets an authoritarian leader such as Trump, his position will always be dependent on apologists that continually excuse and normalize his behaviour to the rest of the population. And I don't even think these apologists believed they would ever have to excuse such a level of racist, bigoted and misogynistic behaviour. At the latest Trump rally, normal citizens were shouting...

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    The US Politics |OT|

    in Politics Discussion on 17 July 2019

    KLAMarine said: Puppyroach said: Why does it matter whether or not he used their name? It is equally bad to use a person´s name as a measurement of whether or not the person is an equal citizens to you or not. Exactly, he dictates whether or not they should be in the US, therefore he is putting himself as the arbiter of who can stay, leave and return. He doesn´t...

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    The US Politics |OT|

    in Politics Discussion on 17 July 2019

    KLAMarine said: sundin13 said: If you are giving to charity because you want respect, you aren't being altruistic, you are being selfish. You are essentially paying for an advertisement about how good of a person you are. The motivation behind giving to charity for an altruistic individual is the knowledge you are helping others. These argument that you are putting forward are...

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    The US Politics |OT|

    in Politics Discussion on 16 July 2019

    KLAMarine said: Biggerboat1 said: I already said previously "If you think Trump donating a completely insignificant amount of money (relative to his wealth), which he actually promised to do on his campaign trail (if he was doing it out of benevolence, why tell anyone?) isn't self-serving then I don't know what to tell you..." I guess, for you, self-serving won't be proven...

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    The US Politics |OT|

    in Politics Discussion on 16 July 2019

    KLAMarine said: "No, they still have to pay him.  That's the law.  He still gets the money deposited into his account 4 times per year.  But if you mean the government regains the $400k, then you could say he's trying to save the government that much each year but then he also cut hundreds of billions from the tax revenue." >And also cut from spending, yes? "You don't...

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    Should Halo Infinite drop Xbox One and go Scarlet exclusive?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 July 2019

    I think they do have a dilemma since the have the X1, mid-generation X1X and also the Scarlett but I think it will likely just be a reduction in framerate, resolution and details the differ between the version so it will probably not take away anything from the Scarlett version. ...

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    Human right violations in persecution of Julian Assange?

    in Politics Discussion on 05 July 2019

    He worked together with Celsy Manning to get access to sensitive information. From what I understand, he received some information at first but there has been information pointing to him encouraging Manning to obtain even more information illegally. If true, he should be punished even if the I formation obtained raised a lot of questions regarding the US military and intelligence. Otherwise, he...

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    Poll: Is xbox game pass a system seller for you?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 02 July 2019

    I think it's biggest issue right now is that MS isn't marketing it enough and in the right way to potential customers. For the average consumer, hearing that you get all 1st party games along with some 100 other games each month for such a low price should be a huge seller come Christmas time. To bad MS aren't pushing it hard enough. ...

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    Razer Drops Streamer for Calling Men Trash, Says It's 'Extremism'

    in Politics Discussion on 27 June 2019

    I personally think it's wrong by Razer since they seem to be overly sensitive about language use. However, if they have in their terms and conditions that you can't use language like that, they are in their right do terminate contracts. They are a private business and it is up to then to set the terms. Her statement was moronic and incorrect though but people should be able to make moronic and...

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    Why can't Dems presidential hopefuls pull this much people for any of their rallys? <20,000+

    in Politics Discussion on 22 June 2019

    I'm pretty sure Sanders also manage rallies with 15000-20000 attendees despite being in a very crowded field. ...

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    Muslim parents in UK protest school children's storybook featuring same gender parents

    in Politics Discussion on 06 June 2019

    Backwards people, just like some of the Christians in the US. Good thing they don't represent the majority in any case though. ...

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    What is Gender?

    in Politics Discussion on 02 June 2019

    My view of this is that gender is the social construct that we as a species create to categorize within our society. It stems from our preconceived notion of what constitutes a male or a female in behaviour, not biologically. Therefore, what is considered male or female can change over time although the sexes does not change. We have this in most mammals since our social behaviour is necessary to...

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    DoE Rebrands Fossil Fuels to "Freedom Gas" - Not Satire

    in Politics Discussion on 31 May 2019

    When you think the US government can't become any dumber... ...

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    Animal Liberation Now!!

    in Politics Discussion on 10 April 2019

    Jumpin said: 0D0 said: I'm against animal cruelty, but the idea of animal rights is too much.Vegan is just anti-natural. Balanced is ok, vegan is just a sort of extremism to me. Eating the flesh of farmed animals is anti-natural. It's also incredibly damaging to the natural world. How can it be anti-natural? We're animals that farm and eat other animals, we're all...

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    Animal Liberation Now!!

    in Politics Discussion on 09 April 2019

    I feel pretty liberated and I'm an animal 🙂. I've never understood why some living beings are forbidden to be eaten according to vegans while it's perfectly fine to kill or eat other living beings as long as they are not made up of certain combinations of protein chains and fat. Seems kind of random to me....

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    Andrew Yang secured enough unique donors to enter debate stage

    in Politics Discussion on 23 March 2019

    Jumpin said: Puppyroach said: Interesting person with interesting perspectives that are needed to push the party towards more progressive issues. Universal basic income is a completely useless proposition though, but I agree with much of his other positions. And? You started saying something, but gave no basis for your point. Nah, I just said that I agree with much...

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