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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo's next handheld will be a tablet, and that is a good thing

It's time to accept it, mobile gaming is here to stay and dedicated gaming handhelds are dying quickly. There's no real reason to create another handheld when there is so much more money to be made in the mobile sector. A Nintendo-branded Andriod tablet. How is that not a great idea? When Nintendo released the 3DS for $250 it was way too expensive for mass market adoption. They had to drop it down to $170 and take a loss. With tablets, people are buying them at $300, $400, even $500. Nintendo can still create all the same software for the tablet so it's not like people won't get to enjoy the same Nintendo games, nothing will have to change on that front. They'll have a ton more 3rd party support where they had basically none from Western publishers. This is the best way to get the kids interested in Nintendo again considering how much they play mobile games nowadays. And for all the purists out there Nintendo can always create a physical controller addon so they won't have to rely on a touch screen. I think this is the future.


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I went brain dead reading that so I have no thoughts.

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I can imagine a mix between a portable console and a Tablet... if will cost no much, will crush all record and can sell over 200 million lifetime.

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I dunno if that would be a great idea, not a tablet specifically. I just read a report that in Norway, tablet sales were down a whooping 35% last year while the sales of laptops were up by a similar percentage.
The tablet was always a product on kinda shaky grounds, sitting near the territory of being utterly useless between a good laptop and a smartphone and I believe I always said as much.

No, I hope this isn't Nintendo's plan, I think that this could seriously hurt them in their newfound ambition and re-structure.

I'm sorry, what?

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the only issue is a handheld will never be as powerfull as a real consol.... because your limited by battery & playtime needing to a thing, along with weight and heat.

All these issues arnt real problems for a consol just sitting next to your tv.
So its going to be weak compaired to a ps4 or xbox one.

Thats the main drawback...

There are tons of upsides though if done right.

Yeah, Nintendo isn't going that route anytime soon.

A tablet is not very portable device. I doubt Nintendo's next handheld will come in the shape of a tablet.

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