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Any plans for a mobile browser? That is one area where Neogaf is far ahead. When I'm browsing with my phone I am almost forced to visit there instead.

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Can't wait!

It is near the end of the end....

naznatips said:

Maybe I'll even try posting on the forums again!

You have been missed.

You too, Machina.


Who will do the reviews?

platformmaster918 said:
Any plans for a mobile browser? That is one area where Neogaf is far ahead. When I'm browsing with my phone I am almost forced to visit there instead.

It's already been confirmed earlier in the thread to be coming, but here it is again.

It's coming.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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Hiku said:
Machina said:

Non-scoring System for Reviews

We’ve (the review team) come to the decision that we should no longer score our reviews. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that scores seems to increasingly detract from the actual written content of game reviews, and also that individual reviewers naturally have different opinions on titles; differences of opinion that we find hard to explain to our readers, especially at GotY time.

Now, we’re well aware that a lot of people either don’t have time or simply don’t want to read a huge wall of text. So we will introduce a tl;dr pros & cons section at the bottom of our reviews, so you can quickly take away the key points from the review without necessarily reading the whole thing.

Nice to see more and more sites embrace this eview method.

Also, there's one thing I've been meaning to suggest when it comes to Site improvements.
When you browse through a members posts in their profile, (you usually can't see the full post there, so you have to go to the topic they wrote it in) clicking on the post doesn't seem to take you to their actual post. This can be quite an inconvenience in large threads where you have to scan page after page for that particulat post you might want to read.
The same problem seems to occur on your VGChartz Buddy when you get an alert that someone replied to one of your posts. Clicking on it doesn't take you to the reply, and you have to manually find it.

I'm sure there's a way to make it so that these clicks take you right to the desired post.
Maybe I'll write to Trucks about it.

That is annoying specially when the thread in question has recieved 100+ posts in the meantime! Finding the reply in all those new posts is simply too annoying and I've had that happen just a few days ago!

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Oh wow so many old geezers in this thread!

Machina said:
Truck plans on making a thread of his own to cover bug fixes and general improvements he intends to make, which will include a lot of the issues raised in posts above.

I still vote for it to be called The Truck Stop.

Other names include:

How Much Bugs Can a Good Truck Truck if a Good Truck Would Truck Bugs

A Good Trucking Makes Everything Better

Ye Olde Thyme Pub


But anywho, it feels like a reunion in here. Looking forward to these changes as much as everyone else!

TruckOSaurus said:
I approve this thread, especially the part about being nice to me.

I thought we were being punk'd... is this for real?! :-O


I got two words for ya!

prediction league

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