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still kind of shocked we weren't friends on gamrConnect until yesterday. So I guess I'll be seeing you around the forums again, then?


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All of this sounds awesome, and I can't wait!

I approve this thread, especially the part about being nice to me.

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I think these changes will be for the better. :) I'm sure we all appreciate what you guys do for the site to make it even more than the enjoyable environment that we come back to.

Talonman is back actually. He accepted my friend request a few days ago.

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I can beat more games on his 3DS than he can on my PSVita in a month. Loser has to buy the winner a game on his/her handheld Guess who won?


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Sounds great!

Cool! Also, cute to see old Blue.

These changes will certainly be welcomed! It feels so good to read a thread like this after all these years!

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WayBack Machine's database must be huge. :P

Hmm, pie.

Thanks for the update. The old blue site was awesome. The upcoming game section and the user with the most points in the last 7 days leaderboard too. I miss the boxes that went around the console names.