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Does this mean VGC will track Atari Flashback sales :P

OT: Looking at 2.0 makes me excited! Can't wait to see these changes. Just pls don't change the logo... i grew up with it ;_;

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The black site still looks awesome. The changes seem great, please throw in fancy pants AJAX effects too. Id like it if a thread didn't reload after I post a comment e.g like disqus. Id also like it if new comments auto-appended as they are submitted.

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ioi said:
Mobile version will be on the cards yes

Any chance you can stop the site downloading random files to my phone? 

What I liked best about VGC 1...and even VGC .5 was that it wasn't trying to be loud and in your face like so many modern sites. It just wanted to show you info. Each update seems to be attempting to get more inline with other online outfits and it has made the site not as pretty to look at.

Keep it two cents.

You gents are truly gods among men! Keep up the awesome work guys!!!


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If you need gameDB version of me again, I am willing to help, I really did like the game database system here. (I just wasn't the biggest fan of the other site).

Otherwise amazing stuff is happening.


ioi said:
Mobile version will be on the cards yes

Best VGC related news I have heard in a very long time.

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cycycychris said:
ioi said:
Mobile version will be on the cards yes

On the topic of mobile,  what about the site downloading a ton of random files on my phone? 

Here here.  We need a formal response to this. 

"Now, we’re well aware that a lot of people either don’t have time or simply don’t want to read a huge wall of text. So we will introduce a tl;dr pros & cons section at the bottom of our reviews, so you can quickly take away the key points from the review without necessarily reading the whole thing."

I know it's not my place to say this, as I don't run a website, but I really don't agree with this. I don't feel like a writer's hard work and effort should be cheapened just because someone is to lazy to, or doesn't have the time to, read the review. To me, it's just as bad as a review score. If someone can't be bothered to read a full review, then they don't deserve to know what it says. If they don't have the time, they can just read it later. That's the great thing about written reviews; they're there to stay.

I do think that taking out review scores is better than nothing, and it's a great first step towards a better environment of which to share opinions, but a big reason why I've personally stopped including tl;dr's in my threads is because people will often skim to the bottom of the post, only read the bullet points, and then respond with criticisms on my opinion that are already addressed in the full work.

People treat the tl;dr as if it's the full review and ignore the carefully crafted string of opinion and thought that precedes it. I just don't think that's fair to the writer.

Maybe I'll even try posting on the forums again!