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Forums - Website Topics - Upcoming Site Changes

Saddest thing about looking at the original blue site isn't how bad it looks, but how high handheld sales where.

Good news about site changes. Most sound like logical and needed steps to a better site

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Looking forward to all the fixes improvements and changes

Smeags said:
Machina said:
Truck plans on making a thread of his own to cover bug fixes and general improvements he intends to make, which will include a lot of the issues raised in posts above.

I still vote for it to be called The Truck Stop.

Other names include:

How Much Bugs Can a Good Truck Truck if a Good Truck Would Truck Bugs

A Good Trucking Makes Everything Better

Ye Olde Thyme Pub


But anywho, it feels like a reunion in here. Looking forward to these changes as much as everyone else!

A Truckload of Changes!

BraLoD said:

You better ascend like Trucks and help the guys with them Smeags!

I'm only a lowly head mod, the only thing I could do is threaten to ban them unless they get the work done.

I'm greatly looking forward to the new VGC!

My friend is an idiot. He kept playing Tetris because I told him there was an endboss.

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Great news! This means this site should last a few more years

Good to see, well overdue.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

No objections here, not that they would make a difference. :P

VGChartz Buddy - Do you think there is any way this could be tweaked so the user has more control over it? E.g. Can I unsubscribe a certain thread from updating in VGChartz Buddy? Can I change the max threads to 5 instead of 15? Etc. Work your Trucky magic!


Good to know.

If there would be a chance, I will gladly contribute to to the DB, once given functional tools.. Of course