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Good luck to the team that everything will work as planned or at least without big problems.

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Ah, the Blue VGC... Memories :'(

What exactly are you looking for in a (sales) analyst? It sounds interesting. A few years ago I was quite heave in the sales anlysis thing, checking how certain games kept selling each week and comparing various console sales (mainly for personal use, although I made some posts about how a small RPG called Disgaea 3 outsold some bigger 360 RPG's). It stopped when you had to pay to access all those things.

I also used to write for some small Dutch gaming websites, but they're all gone now.

That's all great but all I REALLY want is proper spell check to work. This is probably the only site I visit that doesn't allow for browser spell check to work and that's bad news for those of us who suck at spelling lol

Not a big fan of improved visual appeal (I think it's unnecessary and maybe slightly distracting), but shouldn't hurt either. Other than that, sounds great! Now the site needs only a mobile-friendly version or an open API for user-made apps.

As long as the mobile version is minimalist and responsive, I'll be happy.

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i just want the proper image to show up when tagging games. that is all.

Oh yeah, not sure if this has been asked yet, but will we be able to embed videos onto our posts again? And why was the feature taken out in the first place?

So no improvements at all for the forum.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Ceeeeeeewl. Look forward to seeing the new changes implemented

My birthday has come early this year!