Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who here owns a 7th gen console since launch that never broke?

My console broke

at arrival 9 2.03%
within the first year 15 3.39%
after 1 year 14 3.16%
after 2 years 21 4.74%
after 3 years 28 6.32%
after 4 years 16 3.61%
after 5 years 17 3.84%
after 6 years 20 4.51%
NEVER! 235 53.05%
In Soviet Russia console breaks you! 68 15.35%

I bought my Wii and PS3 both a year after their launches. Both work absolutely fine.

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I have a european launch PS3, which still works (I exchanged thermal grease and so on though), but I gave that one to my brother a few years ago and personally am using a model with much less power consumption.

360 broke within a year 5 times, PS3 (knock on wood) hasn't broke.

Got my Wii at midnight on launch day in November 2006 (with Twilight Princess :D). Still works perfectly.

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my cousin owns a launch X360.
It only had RRoD once, but they fixed it and still works.
Pretty amazing huh?

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99% of Wii owners


Still have a working launch PS3 and Wii. X360 has broken many times.

My 8th gen collection

My 2005 Xbox 360 is long dead even after many reflows, my Ps3 60 gig laser went after 2 years, but I repair consoles for a living so easily fixed.

Never had a console die on me. But then again, I did sell off my OG PS3/360 and have them replaced with Slim models.

Day 1 60GB PS3 still runs like a champ.
Day 1 20GB 360 the same.
Day 1 Wii in the land fill, about 1 and a half years.
Day 1 PSP died after 6 years.
2006 PC died in 2008.

Never owned a DS.

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