Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who here owns a 7th gen console since launch that never broke?

My console broke

at arrival 9 2.03%
within the first year 15 3.39%
after 1 year 14 3.16%
after 2 years 21 4.74%
after 3 years 28 6.32%
after 4 years 16 3.61%
after 5 years 17 3.84%
after 6 years 20 4.51%
NEVER! 235 53.05%
In Soviet Russia console breaks you! 68 15.35%

I have a PS3 since launch, still going.

Only console I got since launch and broke later on, was my PS2. I needed to change the laser, it was kinda of my fault tho *cough*

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Still got my wii & my fat D1 60gb Ps3 who read ps2 game :) not sure wii working, not played this for like 3 years now lol

20GB PS3 and Wii both still working.

My PS3 60 gig fatty mo tabby still runs. I have a launch Wii that is still rocking. I did buy a 360 in like april 2006, not launch that failed. My first Elite also died. Other than that, everything has been okay.

I have a Wii and a PS3 from launch which still just about work. Not sure how much longer the Wii will last though.


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My 60g PS3 is still running well.

I have replaced the fan a few times tho and put in a bigger hdd.

My Wii is still running strong but I've had 3 of my 360 burn out. aka red ring of death. Luckly I was able to replace 2 of them with warrenty. They didn't really get use a ton either. And didn't get played at long sesions at a time. Probably won't buy an Xbox One for atleast another year and half to see if they released another system that's designed to last 2 years at most.


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Still got my 40gb ps3 (2007).



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Every console I ever got is still working, including my NES and GB Phat.

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