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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who here owns a 7th gen console since launch that never broke?


My console broke

at arrival 9 2.03%
within the first year 15 3.39%
after 1 year 14 3.16%
after 2 years 21 4.74%
after 3 years 28 6.32%
after 4 years 16 3.61%
after 5 years 17 3.84%
after 6 years 20 4.51%
NEVER! 235 53.05%
In Soviet Russia console breaks you! 68 15.35%

My Wii still works but it was hardly used. My 360 still works (even though I sold it, I know the owner) and it was used to the point where the thumbsticks were all deformed. Never had an issue. I only bought a PS3 last year, so yeah.

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I thought my wii broke after having troubles reading dual layer disks, but after some cleaning it came back to live. I do not use it a lot now (wiiU owner) but if ever needed the wii is there... ;)


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my 60gb ps3 and my wii still working with no issues, the 60gb is now at my fathers house so he can watch netflix and blurays but it still works for games and stuff. was using it myself with a upgraded HDD untill around december.

My launch Wii never broke. None of my consoles or PC hardware ever broke. Not even controllers, only the rumble of a 360 pad.

Original Game Boy, SNES, PS1 and so on... Everything still works

Launch PS3 and 2nd-hand launch Wii were fine for the entire generation. 360 broke; worse, it wasn't even a launch model. :(

This gen, I'm hoping the One is more reliable. Not bought one yet, but I likely will when a game comes that I must have. PS4 and WiiU are both going strong -- but, then they should be.

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My launch Wii works fine. Never had problems with dual layer discs either. My Ds Lite broke because of the defective hinge batch.

My launch Wii and (surprisingly) Xbox 360 still work fine. DS Lite still works, for what it's worth?


i have had 2 red ring 360's

a couple years ago my Wii disc drive broke but got it fixed 

my PS3 is working just as good as when i got for christmas 2007

Launch PS3 still works absolutely fine

Launch Wii, never broke.