Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who here owns a 7th gen console since launch that never broke?

My console broke

at arrival 9 2.03%
within the first year 15 3.39%
after 1 year 14 3.16%
after 2 years 21 4.74%
after 3 years 28 6.32%
after 4 years 16 3.61%
after 5 years 17 3.84%
after 6 years 20 4.51%
NEVER! 235 53.05%
In Soviet Russia console breaks you! 68 15.35%

launch day Wii still works perfectly, had 2 red rings and I only owned a ps3 at the very end of the generation.

All 3 are up and running now tho, and never had to pay for the 360s repairs cos I got it early and had a proper dodgy system originally which is so refurbished at this stage I think it's innards are made of diamonds just so the repair guys never have to see it again haha.

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The graphics card on my ps3 crapped out eventually. Can't remember how long it was exactly though.

vivster said:

Just interested since I'm always hearing of people talking badly about launch versions of consoles.

Launch versions only. Launch window of a few months is ok.


edit: Looks like I really should've excluded the Wii like I initially intended -.-

I have a launch 60GB Fat PS3 that my parents still use for blueray, dvd, and the occasional sing star.  It's gpu has issues with some of the more demanding games, but anything light or well polished (COD, 1st party) works fine.  

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I don't but I would just like to mention I am on a slim ps3 250gb since 4 years, 1 month and 17 days... still going strong.

No surprise, but my original model Wii (purchased Feb 2007) never malfunctioned.

True Story Bro': My Zephyr model XB360, purchased Spring/Summer 2007, NEVER RRoDed or malfunctioned in any way to date. It did see pretty light use though.

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ps3 60 gigger still kicking

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Not since launch but since 2010 to be precise, my Slim PS3 never had a fault. Same goes to other consoles and even my PC, never had these kind of problems. Controllers on the other hand..sometimes intentionally ^-^(*)

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I have a launch 360 believe it or not. It stopped working for a while (something with the disc drive), but now it works again for some reason :)

I have sold all my consoles but my xbox 360 broke after 3.5 years (i had bought a extended warranty of one year on top of Microsoft's 3 year for red ring so it covered it).
My PS3 original was sold after 7 years and still worked.
My wii also never has any issues.

I bought them all at launch, only launch console still kicking is the wii...