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Forums - Sales Discussion - Japan Sales: Media Create; Famitsu & Dengeki Week 48 (Nov 25 - Dec 1)

Can we assume that NSMBU is eating into SM3DW sales? I think it might be possible, since the game is bundled, either way, the drop wasn't nice.
Pokémon went up, which is a good thing :)

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Wow that is.. actually somewhat decent numbers for Nintendo. It looks like they might finally be getting some momentum. Not enough mind you.. but some is better then nothing.

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Pikmen 3= Little Bump to nothing. (Got Little Bump)

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Super Mario 3D World= Won't help at all looks cheap. (Currently the most sought after Wii U game and continuing the Wii U increase.)

Why would anyone be surprised by Vita TV numbers? It's so pointless.

betacon said:
carlos710 said:
Excellent numbers for the Wii U. And Criminal girls is another Vita flop in japan, sad thing.

How is selling throuhg half it's shipment a flop? It was never going to do massive numbers

So low shipments are the excuse for flopping now ? ROFL

I guess thats why the Virtual Boy didn't sold hundreds of millions. It shipped less than what it should in those years.


Come on people. If you want to see the Vita doing better go out and buy some games instead of making up wild excuses in forums.

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Man, for a company that's "irrelevant" in the hardware business, they sure are selling a shitload of hardware. Granted, most of it is 3DS, but who says 3DS doesn't count? If anything, at least in Japan it should be MORE relevant than home consoles, since handheld gaming dominates there.

And anyway, the Wii U numbers aren't too shabby considering it only has a handful of worthwhile games..

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kopstudent89 said:
Why would anyone be surprised by Vita TV numbers? It's so pointless.

I wanted one! T_T


kopstudent89 said:
Why would anyone be surprised by Vita TV numbers? It's so pointless.

Do you remember what expectations were like back when it was announced? Some people thought it would outsell its portable companion in time.

orniletter said:
ElPresidente7 said:
Im so confused .. WiiU increased hardware sales ...
does that mean we will take a break from WiiU doom?!

Of course not, Toastboy has at least 10 new ideas for new "Doomed"-threads at his fingertips :)

i think you meant hundreds of new words to express the same idea.

justinian said:
S.Peelman said:
I'd be happy enough with a WiiU baseline like this in Japan. It's doing decently there at the moment, gone up for a couple weeks now. Still, not stellar and less than a normal console would do in generations past, but we'll take it.

Vita TV... Yeah well.

You should be ecstatic if the wii u baselines at ~27K in Japan.  Not so long ago it was selling that figure, maybe even less, globally.

Yes, the sales need to stabalise a bit throughout 2014 for it to be considered healthy but things seems to be on the up.

I will stick with my 30m lifetime for now but hope for more.


Oh yes, thank god the days of 2.5k in Japan are over. I'm hopeful, it seems to be heading in the right direction at last.

benao87 said:
Kresnik said:

Lightning hasn't actually dropped like a rock, which is something different for the series at least. Criminal Girls & Dynasty Warriors Vita not so hot though. Nor Assassin's Creed for that matter. Or Toriko and Kamen Rider.

78% (MC)/ 82% (Famitsu) is still a high drop, but I'd say that it can be like FFXIII-2 when a lot of people realized it wasn't a bad game, and got it on week 2.

Oh, definitely.  But don't JRPG's like this normally drop like ~90%+ FW?  Noticably less than that.