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    < Smeags posted something on Zero999's wall:


    Any more posts on this wall will be moderated for Spam.

    Zero is gone for a reason. The constant goading and mocking will no longer be tolerated, and stooping to get shot after shot at him is way beyond the point of reason. So now his wall (and his alts' walls) is off limits. He does not deserve your attention, so stop wasting your time.




    < drake_tolu posted something on Zero999's wall:

    Please, only one question.

    Can you make the prediction (with number) for Wii U, XBOX ONE, and PS4 lifetime???

    Because i don't understand how is possible that you predict again Wii U>PS4 lifetime. ._."

    < Conegamer posted something on Zero999's wall:

    There's a lot of anger here. Let's all hold hands and calm down please.

    < OfficerRaichu15 posted something on Zero999's wall:

    Revised: Zero i dont like you :P

    Adds OfficerRaichu15 to a list so long that it encapsulates all of vgchartz except for Zero and its many alts*

    Yes, Zero do go through the trouble to create another account (maybe bobgamer_screwer?) and say how the world is unfair and WiiU will usher us all into a new age of freedom and happiness. Im sure that at some point you will convert someone to your religion.

    on 10 August 2014

    I wonder if Zero got upset over all the awesome PS4/XB1 news (specifically the XB1 bundles which will ensure victory over WiiU this holiday) from Gamescom.

    on 12 August 2014

    well in america for sure europe and japan thatll be more likely a tie given france is mainly nintendo and uk mainly xbox

    on 12 August 2014

    Globally Raichu, minus Japan ;P Europe won't be close.

    on 13 August 2014

    itll be close in europe imo because wii u was doing as well as xbox one before mario kart 8 in germany and france :P
    now uk is predominant xbox one but one country out of many cant make it a massacre

    on 13 August 2014

    invisible awesome news for ps4 and xone. their lineups continue as boring as before.

    keep believing xone will do better than wii u this holiday (and lifitime).

    get a life bobgamer.

    on 14 August 2014

    Raichu, WiiU was doing minus numbers in Europe, nowhere near what XB1 was/is doing.

    Zero - Obviously many disagree, and will be getting 40+ games over the next 5 months compared to WiiU's (I counted) 8?

    on 16 August 2014

    Well you see France is pretty much Nintendo land 2.0(mostly contributed to 3ds but Mario Karts been in top 3 for like 2 months) and Germany is buying wii us more than before Mario kart(so is uk sort of).
    Now xbox one(not a hater just dont believe sales quantities over 10 million by end of year(see my prediction I think wii u will only sell 2 million more while xbox I believe will sell 3 million more) is doing very well in uk the problem is though thats where most of its sales are from everywhere else is sort of bad.

    on 16 August 2014

    So pretty much what I'm saying is xbox one isnt selling as high as wii u thx to the all around sales in france germany, and uk while xbox one is mainly selling in the uk. I mean that can change this holiday and all.

    on 16 August 2014

    Raichu? You realise we have very limited sales information right? France isn't Nintendoland, it's Sony land for starters. The rest I simply disagree with, XB1 will outsell WiiU in Europe by millions at the end of the gen, WiiU just doesn't have that audience and XB1 does (despite PS4)

    on 17 August 2014

    oh interesting so your saying uk and a few small countries are gonna push it millions ahead I dont think so at most it will be a couple million to million xbox one or wii u in favor

    on 17 August 2014

    < OfficerRaichu15 posted something on Zero999's wall:

    Ok zero im just gonna say that you were a great guy and all but you had super over the top predictions and you keep making alts which is a stupid idea so please stop if reading this

    How was he great? Look at how he talks to people, rude, aggressive angry young man, never showed any likeable traits whatsoever!! I feel sorry for the mods.

    on 08 August 2014

    I think everyone is a great person no matter how crazy they are or if i dont agree with them.

    on 08 August 2014

    I talk to stupid people the way they deserve, stupid seece. still believing the "even nintendo only thinks it will sell 3.6m in the fiscal year"?

    on 10 August 2014

    hey hey hey zero alt seece is a good guy he just has a difference in preference than you

    on 10 August 2014

    Stupid Zero thinking 12m WiiU's end of 2013 and 21m end of 2014 :P

    on 12 August 2014

    Do you have any friends in real life Zero? You seem far too angry and never happy (or pleasant) to be around.

    on 12 August 2014

    "Stupid Zero thinking 12m WiiU's end of 2013 and 21m end of 2014"

    lmfao, you get more pathetic by the second. when did I say I expected 12m by the end of 2013, liar? and wii u will end 2014 between 12m and 14m, probably closer to 13m.

    and you keep insisting on the 9m end of 2014 even when you know it will easily surpass it.

    also, fuck you. even though you're doing that even without me asking.

    on 14 August 2014

    Your insults are so dumb, no flair or intelligence Zero (seriously, do you have any friends in real life with your attitude, and how you're on here all the time making alts?)

    You said 12m end of 2013, then revised down to 10m (and were humiliated when it turned out to be less than 6m HAHA) Earlier this year you said 21m end of 2014, now you've revised it down again (and will be wrong again). I have said 9 - 10m FYI, which is in line with History, Nintendo forecasts and Logic.

    on 17 August 2014

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    Will Wind Waker HD outsell the original?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 July 2014

    No but it should manage about 50% of the original's sales....

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion on 09 July 2014

    Can our beautiful witch show up tomorrow or in the next 9 days? I hope so....

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    Can we agree that PS4 graphics are in another level!

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 July 2014

    DerNebel said: Zero999 said: DerNebel said: Oh, so if Nintendo had the possibility to make the game 1080p/60fps with AA, while everything else stayed the way it is right now, they would have opted out of that and kept the game 720/60 with no AA? Jesus, do you even realize what kinda bullshit you sometimes write while trying to up talk Nintendo? first, watch...


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