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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Split Screen ( a dying practice?)


Split Screen dead?

Yes 12 30.00%
No 4 10.00%
Maybe 4 10.00%
Live Forever 2 5.00%
Should be a standard feat... 12 30.00%
Too much effort 1 2.50%
It can boost sales 0 0%
People too rich and buy multiple console 0 0%
Only on nintendo 5 12.50%

The latest Xbox is having difficulty with it's hardware,

Split screen is just too much for the ol box to handle apparently!

Baldurs Gate 3 has no release date for the box coz the developers are having a hard time tinkering in the optional setting.

Even Halo Infinite which was suppose to have Split screen didn't even follow up in their promise and now recently the latest Forza Motorsport also won't have that feature on day one and might also be forgotten as days pass by...

What's going on with Xbox?

Are we so rich that we can buy lots of consoles and plug em all in at the same time!?

Split screen is always a welcome optional game mode in today's standard and cutting it off on today's market will lose you sales specially when past iteration of games had that capability which is also a selling point.

Call of Duty always has split screen because they know its a feature that sells like hotcakes.

If Halo Infinite had local split screen coop It would have seen massive sales thanks to it's customer service...

Is split screen dead?

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In mainstream games, split-screen for Xbox and PlayStation software has been slowly dying since the end of 360/PS3 era.
Nintendo has also been moving more away from them, but still has some on offer.
Split-screen is indeed no longer the standard. Even a lot of local multiplayer Nintendo games are games that aren't designed with splitscreen in mind (Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Bros. Wonder, etc.)
Split-screen will likely never fully die (some indies if nothing else will still use it), but is dying a slow death to obscurity.

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It kind of died in the 7th gen with online play.

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The TVs get bigger than ever and splitscreen goes extinct. I never understood that. We had the time of our lives with Goldeneye in 4-player-splitscreen on a tiny 15-inch-screen. On a modern TV, every player would have more screen real estate than our entire TVs had back in the days. It really doesn't make any sense at all.

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Thanks for sharing ur opinion guys would love to see more!

It is dying which is a shame. Great way to play with wife and kids.


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Split Screen is such a 90s gimmick.
This is where you hear the double standards. People complain about FPS and resolution so often today, yet those same people will defend a feature missing that spilts your screen in half and lowering image quality and gameplay greatly.

Online has replaced split screen a very long time ago.

It won't die per say, but the feature was admittedly a feature of it's time where online play did not permit such.

Nonetheless couch multiplayer isn't dead if you look at certain publishers offering. I mean Nintendo still does it as usual and it's going fine

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Hehe, funny you name Baldur's Gate 3. Probably split screen is the "raised standard" this Twitter thread was speaking of. Also it fits what I said, split screen is a 90s standard, and Baldur's Gate is full of 90s standards. Yeah, split screen is cool. I know people play online, but split screen has a more social component, built-in cheat detection and built-in voice-chat. Even video chat. Seems good. Should be more standard. Sadly isn't, because money is in the loneliness epidemic of online play.

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