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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How Rare Will Super Mario 3D All Stars Be After Sales Stop in March?

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So for some bizarre reason Nintendo intends to stop selling Super Mario 3D All Stars after March, both physically and digitally. The game of course has been a major seller since its release. There are probably millions of physical copies in circulation. Last I checked the game could be found for less than $60 on Amazon which surprised me.

How will that change once sales stop? I bought a physical copy of the game at launch but I haven't played it yet and it is still sealed in its packaging. I do want to play it though, especially Sunshine which I have never played before. Part of me is wondering whether I should buy a digital copy to play on my Switch and keep my physical copy unopened and see how the value changes over the next decade or so.

What do you think?

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Why not just buy another physical copy? That way if the value does go up than you have 2 copies of it to sell if needed.
Also I feel like it may go up in value after about 5 years or so once less copies are in circulation.

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The games won't be that rare at all. I'm convinced Nintendo had something up their sleeve and I announced for that date. Could be all the games are coming out individually. Could be each game is receiving an actual HD remake (rather than remaster). Could be they are eliminating the bundle because of N64 app in Switch online that already includes Mario 64 remastered.

Now, the form factor of that particular collection all bundled together like that? Sure, that will be hard to find someday soon. But if all you care about is the games I don't think it will be hard to play those going forward.

The game sold 5.21 million copies in its first 12 days on the market... and that number was from early November. Even when the end of March arrives, it will keep selling for a little while the remaining copies on stores. When everything is said and done, All-Stars could end up selling over 10 million copies. Which is close to games like Super Mario Galaxy and 64 and a lot more than Super Mario 3D World. None of these games are particularly hard to find on the second hand market at relatively cheap prices (unless we are talking a full Mario 64 with its original box and manual).

So open the damn thing and play xD

3D allstars has sold more in a few months than most games do a lifetime without a limited release. The game will not be rare or collectible at all, both making this decision even more pointless and not really making it harder to get than any other game at the same time.

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When somebody announces something will be limited in production ahead of time, then produces millions of copies, there will be no substantial rarity of the item.

I don't think it will be that hard to find tbh

It will be like PS2 titles that sold 3-5 million copies

There is precedent for this move in previous limited run Nintendo collections, and I wouldn't be expecting any significant increase in value. If you look at the Wii printing of Super Mario All-Stars, which was a limited run, you can find it pretty easily for around $25 used. If the demand stays high, Nintendo will likely just do another printing, but given how much the game sold, there should always be a pretty healthy used market.

Nothing will be rare on this console, the Switch will reach 150 millions+. Even if the game tops only 3 millions, there will be enough for every collectors.
Nothing has value on PS2 except some very rare exotic and unknown things.
I have rather bought 5 copies of Breath of the Wild on Wii U that I keep sealed.

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It won't be that rare or expensive for a long time. Even a lot of GameCube games (popular and not popular) took until the end of the Wii U era to beginning of the Switch era to become expensive.
We'll probably be on Switch 3 by the time this game would get particularly valuable secondhand.

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