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Forums - Sales Discussion - Ghost of Tsushima: 2.4 million units sold through globally in its first 3 days of sales

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Ghost of Tsushima is now PS4's fastest selling first-party original IP debut with more than 2.4 million units sold through globally in its first 3 days of sales.

Beat Horizon Zero Dawn as new IP.

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TLOU Part II : 4M in 3 days
Spider-Man : 3.3M in 3 days
God of War : 3.1M in 3 days
Ghost of Tsushima : 2.4M in 3 days
Uncharted 4 : 2.7M in 1 week
Horizon Zero Dawn : 2.6M in 2 weeks
inFamous SS : 1M in 9 days
Bloodborne : 1M in 12 days
Detroit Become Human : 1M in 2 weeks

Damn... did way better than I was expecting. A new major IP was just born? Congrats SP, and congrats Sony for closing this generation with such a superb year of exclusives.

Vote the Mayor for Mayor!

Great stuff. Looking forward to getting into the game again.


So glad for the success of this game, Sony and especially SuckerPunch since it’s the first game from them to break a record in its opening and will sell over 5 million copies (which is a first to them!) easily in a few months!

I expected the game will sell between 1,8-2,4 million in its first 3 days and thankfully it achieved the high end of what i expected!

Welcome to the Elite Sony 1st party club SuckerPunch.

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Well deserved! I hope that it has legs to keep it up there. I love seeing Sucker Punch get the sales they deserve. :)

What? I haven't saw this coming. These are huge sales even for established franchises, let alone a brand new IP

John2290 said:
Whoah, in three days it almost done what Horizon done in two weeks and very nearly Uncharted 4 in one week. MC really is pointless i guess and it's all down to marketing and word of mouth, It's time to stop putting MC score goals in devs contracts.

By MC you mean metacritic?

Metacritic is useful, 84 is also a good score. But it should never be involved in any contract, that's crazy. I thought that was something that was a last gen thing

I remember some of us estimating it wouldnt do much more than 2.5m lifetime haha (not me personally)

Theres a Ghost vs Paper Mario thread that's in need of a bump 

Deserves a lot more.
Game is so great cant stop playing!
Finally a open world japan.
Another 10mill seller easy.
Thank You sony for this amazing genn.
Goodbye see you next genn.


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