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Forums - Sales Discussion - Ghost of Tsushima: 2.4 million units sold through globally in its first 3 days of sales

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Stronger sales than I was expecting. What a strong one-two punch from Sony in back to back months to finish off the PS4 in style.

Actually Infamous SS sales were pretty strong for a launch window title.

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Great sales. Sucker Punch has always been great. I was sad that they took so long to release games on the PS4, but I sure am enjoying it now.

Best Sucker Punch game by a wide margin as far as im concerned.
Deserves all the praise and hopefully it'll continue to sell strong.

Anyone know unit sold for Death Stranding?

Fantastic sales, deserving as well... congrats, it is a great game.

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Wow these numbers are crazy! Really glad it worked out for Sucker Punch, hopefully they'll be joining the 10m+ club with this!

John2290 said:
Whoah, in three days it almost done what Horizon done in two weeks and very nearly Uncharted 4 in one week. MC really is pointless i guess and it's all down to marketing and word of mouth, It's time to stop putting MC score goals in devs contracts.

The install base is a lot higher than it was when UC4 and HZD released. Not to take anything away from GOT, but it's worth mentioning.


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GOTY 2020!!! it is fantastic!!

Excellent. I'm hoping Sony expand the SuckerPunch team and they start work on a sequel for PS5. This generation has been nothing short of incredible for a blend of new and existing IP from Sony and importantly the games also sold very well, ensuring sequels and the future of those studios. I'm curious how Days Gone preformed and if they will continue with that IP.


Sucker Punch started the generation off great and are ending it on a high note!

I hope Sony gives us an update on software sales for their first party.