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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Time to settle it (for this month...): Chrono Trigger vs FF VI

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Which of these two best games is better than the other?

Chrono Trigger 21 65.63%
FF VI 11 34.38%

So, while applying to a couple of jobs today I decided to put on the wonderful soundtrack of Chrono Trigger. It genuinely is enjoyable, through and through.

That naturally got me thinking as of how great the game is, and I was wondering as to what is the preference over on here:

The games are obviously extremely different in vibe, characters, design, battle system.. you name it. However, out of the 16-bit Era, there are few surpassing either in the world of RPG's. I sit firmly with Chrono Trigger as the superior game - it blends all its elements perfectly, and delivers the most loveable time-travel arc that I know of. FF VI naturally has its memorable moments with the opera scene... and a lot of other scenes that I will not spoil for people

...however, to me it lacks this unique CT charm. Where do you stand?

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Occasionally I listen to the OST of CT. FFVI has a good soundtrack but I never listen to it. So I prefer CT.

In my opinion CT is in almost every aspect the better game than FFVI (at least FFVI has the better main villain).

I will now go to bed and listen to some OST of CT

played both of them, and i agree with you that crono trigger is really a great game with time travel, amazing visual, cool soundtrack, but on the other side i must say that ffvi was the better game for me, the story, soundtrack, everything in this game was so amazing that for me ffvi is a little touch over crono trigger...

Chrono Trigger! Chrono Trigger! Chrono Trigger!

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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FF6 i enjoyed more than chrono trigger

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Chrono Trigger. Also, I prefer FF4 over FF6.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

Radiant Historia... I mean, Chrono Trigger xDDD

My top two favorite games ever made.

FFVI is #1 though.

I didn't play either of these games on the SNES. Instead I played them both for the first time in the 21st century. FFVI I played on a PS1 disk, and I enjoyed it a ton. It's an extremely good game, and it might have become my favorite RPG ever if I had played it when it was first released. Chrono Trigger I played on the DS and couldn't finish it. Although to be fair I have since realized that I really need to play RPGs on a big screen to really enjoy them. At some point I'm going to play Chrono Trigger again sometime on a bigger screen and see how I like it.

So, for me it is very much FFVI that is the better game, but I may change my mind about Chrono Trigger once I replay it.

CT in every respect.

You need a poll.

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