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    Write 18

    Rumor: All new Crash Bandicoot game in the works

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 November 2019

    Announcement next month eh? Let's see it :-) ...

    Write 18

    Rumor: All new Crash Bandicoot game in the works

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 November 2019

    Could turn out pretty damn good if they let Vicarious work on it, and if they keep the gameplay mechanics of the original crash games. ...

    Write 61

    Stadia's game prices are very high according to Eurogamer

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 November 2019

    Good. Fingers crossed it does not catch on. ...

    Write 12

    Question about limits in the NSFW forum

    in Website Topics on 19 November 2019

    kirby007 said: d21lewis said: Exactly why I never post myself topless on this site. At the very least, I wear a sports bra. then again you are a special case who would be banned for just posting your face, :-D ...

    Write 273

    List of Games You've Beaten 2019

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 November 2019

    Bristow9091 said: NieR: Automata was honestly a bit of a mind fuck, but holy shit it was an amazing experience on all fronts; story, gameplay and oh my fucking lord the music is just... I know right?! There is only one problem with your statement... ...and that is that you only beat it now, and not much earlier :-D it's the second best game this gen as far as I can see. ...

    Write 49

    A Simple Step In Reviving VGChartz

    in General Discussion on 17 November 2019

    Kerotan, GoodNightMoon? o.O who else got banned while I was away? ...

    Write 21

    Did You Watch XO19?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 November 2019

    I didn't see anything Microsoft since E3 2011 - though, to be fair, even the Sony stuff, I watch only the major events. ...

    Write 49

    A Simple Step In Reviving VGChartz

    in General Discussion on 16 November 2019

    kirby007 said: Xen said: I support the idea, but as said, there is no guarantee that they'll be back. you bet your ass ethomaz would rub in the glory of the ps4 That glory has been around so long that it is now a given :-P dunno where is the fun in rubbing it in anymore. ...

    Write 61

    The greatest loser; which console that lost its gen in sales do you love most?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 November 2019

    Very easily the PS3. Lost its gen, barely climbed out of its deep hole, and offers a library that is leagues ahead of its successor. Close seconds for both the Vita and the PSP. ...

    Write 49

    A Simple Step In Reviving VGChartz

    in General Discussion on 16 November 2019

    I support the idea, but as said, there is no guarantee that they'll be back. ...

    Write 44

    I am getting a Vita

    in Sony Discussion on 15 November 2019

    Danganronpa, Soul Sacrifice Delta, the Nonary Games, Killzone Mercenary, many many others - go for it. I might edit this post with more recommendations later. ...

    Write 83

    What's the worst successor to a console, ever?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 November 2019

    Discounting "obsolete" (not Big 3 + Sega) companies, there are two candidates: N64: If you don't like Nintendo games, there is just about no reason to own one. Even with Nintendo games, it misses so much in certain genres such as RPG's, SHMUPS, etc - the SNES is just so much better. Xbox One: 6 years later, there are very few reasons I see why people buy one over a PS4. Game pass?...

    Write 15

    Best Disney game for PS1?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 November 2019

    Gotta join the Toy Story 2 crowd. ...

    Write 64

    Mysterious SONY cartridge patent for Playstation device; "new handled or a costume SSD for PS5 ??? "

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 November 2019

    This is actually pretty damn exciting. I don't think Switch-like capabilities by PS5 could really be kept under wraps, which makes this even more mysterious. ...

    Write 71

    Would you pass on a game due to its art style?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 November 2019

    Absolutely, and have passed on a lot of ugly 8-bit (which almost always looks "fake" and forced) and 2D remakes (which frequently look like flash games). ...

    Write 57

    What do you want to see for First party support on PS5?

    in Sony Discussion on 10 November 2019

    More variety - just think about how many open-world games Sony released on the PS4 - I think that's around half of the released stuff, if not more. Contrast that with even the PS3, and you start seeing how much more "consolidated" it is. It isn't to say that open-world is bad - HZD is my favorite game this gen after NieR: Automata, but yeah. More funding to Japan Studio. More funding to...

    Write 48

    Do you like Walking Simulators?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 November 2019

    Nope. Though, a lot of the story-driven crap these days is not much different - walk along straight line, shoot things, get cutscene every 10 mins, done. ...

    Write 64

    China legally limits time and money spent on gaming by minors

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 November 2019

    This is all well and bad, but I don't see discussion as to what is really interesting here: what kind of (inevitable) circumvention methods are gonna be used here for some, or all of the measures presented here? ...

    Write 34

    Next Console You'd Like to See Receive a Mini/Classic Edition

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 November 2019

    None. No reason to pay for a more expensive, and simultaneously more limited emulator. ...

    Write 20

    Guerrilla’s Hermen Hulst Named Head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios; Yoshida to Support Indie Devs

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 November 2019

    Now that that is done, I am more concerned with who will direct a sequel to HZD... ...

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