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Which of these two best games is better than the other?

Chrono Trigger 21 65.63%
FF VI 11 34.38%

Chrono Trigger is pretty great, but for me it has to be FFVI. The soundtrack elevates the characters to such a high degree and the gameplay with the ensemble cast complements the themes of the plot perfectly.
I dont mean to plug my stuff, but I’ve made a video about the genius of FFVI in my youtube channel where I explain exactly why I think it’s one of the best games ever, if anyone is interested, check it out.

Btw, if plugging my channel is against the rules, let me know and I’ll edit it out

My FFVI analysis:

My Shadow of the Colossus analysis:

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I played one after the other back in my snes.
CT is a superir game in mechanics and graphics and complexity.
But FFVI beats it due to the gritty story and mood, soundtrack, characters. Kefka. It was an amazing journey. So many memorable moments in this game.


But seriously, difficult choice. Both are masterpieces. But I have to go with Chrono Trigger. The multiple endings just put it over the top for me.

I liked FFVI quite a bit more. But Chrono Trigger is amazing in its own right.

Chrono Trigger. My favourite game of all time.


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Definitely CT

FF6 has a better overall narrative and characters, but the game is a pain in some spots to play what with the high random encounter rate and forced party split ups and in which you'll need to grind all the characters as they don't level up with you.

CT like FF6 has a great soundtrack, kind of a lackluster story in comparison but the game design is bar none above FF6s. As is the gameplay in many respects.

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Chrono Trigger, now and always.

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SpokenTruth said:
CT in every respect.

You need a poll.

I do, but its absence encourages posting, and posting encourages explaining why one is proffered over another

From the posts it would seem that CT is winning somewhat, but I appreciate all the actual positive posts about both games here. Not every day that people actually agree on something on the internet.

Ff6 is overrated.

twintail said:
Ff7 is overrated.

Now, we can agree on something !

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