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    < OTBWY posted something on SegataSanshiro's wall:

    How come we aren't friends yet? What gives? The controller in your avatar is one of the best ever made!

    lol agreed!

    on 28 January 2018

    That comment in Habam's thread was hilarious. I laughed pretty hard.

    on 28 January 2018

    lol thanks

    on 28 January 2018

    < KungKras posted something on SegataSanshiro's wall:

    I like your username


    on 02 January 2018

    < COKTOE posted something on SegataSanshiro's wall:

    Ah! Thanks man. :)

    Feel free to add me on PSN. We can do some 4.1 missions. I know you're not too into multi player, or voice chat, but the most common form of communication in any EDF game is text presets. I'm much the same in that regard. It actually took EDF to get me on the mic for the first time since a Dead Nation Vita run in 2014. It's been mostly positive, and I've met some really nice people, but now I get invited to chat parties more often than I'd like. :) No worries either way.

    on 28 December 2017

    Thanks for accepting my friend request : ) I've always loved your posts, and your profile pic(for some reason)


    on 26 October 2017

    I just saw Kurosawa's Sugata Sanshiro yesterday, and I kept think of the Saturn mascot the entire time.

    My bad, Sanshiro Sugata!

    on 05 September 2017

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    Write 153

    A Full, Concise Explanation On Bayonetta's Publishing Rights And Long Development.

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 February 2018

    forest-spirit said: One thing I'll never understand whenever Bayonetta or similar cases are being discussed is how it's the equivalent to giving the fans of that game/franchise the middle finger. Surely being able to enjoy another entry in that series is better than seeing that series die? And if the platform change is that big of a gripe to certain fans (I can accept situations where money...

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    Twitter user: "No Bayonetta on PS4?" Hideki Kamiya: "Ask Ninty, also ask for Mario and Zelda on PS4"

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 February 2018

    Hiku said: I don't understand why there are 240 replies to this?The intricacies of third party exclusivity deals aren't well known among the general masses.It's a funny reply by Kamiya who probably get asked this all the time... but it's a bit discouraging seeing topics that actually deserve more of our attention/discussion get 3 replies, while people are ranting endlessly on on a tweet...

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    Monolith Soft interested in having its Kyoto studio work on original games

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 February 2018

    They must be bored of just helping with Mario Kart and 3DS Zelda games. It would be awesome to see two RPGs from Monolith each console gen at least. I'd love to see them make a mecha action RPG. Yeah XCX has mechs in it but I mean the game revolves around the mechanics of being an RPG Mecha. Hell, maybe a TPS RPG. Whatever they decide to do I will keep an eye out....


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