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This seems like a fun topic. How long will it take the WiiU to pass the PS Vita? Or do you think the WiiU will never pass the Vita? Personally I'm going with by July 2013. I don't see a price cut working that well for the Vita. It should prolong the inevitable but I think just up to July. Definitely by the end of 2013 but I don't think the WiiU will need holiday 2013.

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February 2013. The vita will have a disappointing holiday and by January it should be around 4.5m. By January, the max I can see the Wii U being is ~3m (due to supply constraints). If the Wii U continues to sell 1 million per month (as Pachter predicted), then it should over take the PS Vita by.....*taps calculator* 23rd February

It will not impress me in the slightest if the correct answer is "day one" (OK, it would be impressive).

But yeah, I'll go with February too. March at the latest.

3 days?

Depends how many Wii U Nintendo have actually got already. If they have enough, then I'd say by years end. If they don't, then by January-Febuary 2013.

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end of jan, early feb

I'm not really here!

I think it already did with the pre orders.

January 2013

december 31, 2012
im sure japan sale would be at least 2 million by the end of the year if supply is enough...


Wow so my prediction is way to conservative I see. In other words, you guys think the Vita will have a very disappointing holiday or will the WiiU have a massive Christmas? Combination of both?