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Forums - Sales Discussion - Ultimate Consoles Showdown 2024: June 1st


How much will the XBOX Series sell in 2024?

7M+ 0 0%
5-7M 0 0%
4-5M 0 0%
3-4M 1 100.00%
Under 3M 0 0%

This is the Ultimate Console Showdown comparison thread for 2024.

The battles for this year are as follows:

  • XBOX Series 2024 vs Nintendo Switch 2024 in USA
  • Nintendo Switch vs DS'11 (9.4M) vs PSP'07 (12.8M)
  • PlayStation 5 vs NSW'19 (19.3M) vs NSW'21 (24M)
  • XBOX Series vs XB360'13 (6.3M) vs XB1'20 (4M)

*The target for all of the comparisons is to be as close as possible (and with that to give us better perspective where the given console is going this year) and to have good chance of finishing close in the end. Therefore if some of the contenders go way far one from another then, the contender's year, or even the contender itself may change so that it suits better to the given's console performance in 2024. Other thing is also I would not repeat main competitor (on the tables) from the year before from my thread, so even if it's a good fit, I would always look for a different one, so it's always new and fresh.*