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Forums - General Discussion - Marijuana legality?


Should marijuana/weed/reefer be legal?

Yes, it should be complet... 48 76.19%
Yes, but only medically 5 7.94%
No, it's a gateway/harmful drug 10 15.87%

Yes. It should be legal. Alcohol and tobacco are much more destructive.

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APerfectCircle said:

Ima a marijuana user prefer to dry herb vape after 20 years smoking it had helped my anxiety and ocd

It has helped me deal with my anxiety, rather than solve it.

It can still heighten my anxiety while high yet I now know it's just a chemical reaction and will be gone again in the morning. Easy to dismiss. It has taught me a lot about how the human brain works and its 'nonsense', fooling yourself in all kinds of ways. Switching between 'high' and normal you get a good peek behind the curtain. From how visual processing works to symbolism, recognition and memory association.

Marijuana is a perfect compendium to studying neuropsychology. (which was part of the AI course I took in University, arguably much more interesting than what went around for AI in the 90s lol)

It takes my OCD away while high, yet that's not really something I can turn off during the day. It makes it easier to deal with though. The best remedy for the stress build up that causes is going for a run in my case. I try to go for a run every other day, up to 60 km a week. I always feel zen after and sleep much better. (with the help of marijuana at night)

I make my own edibles (cookies) from dried herbs. Big batch, freeze them, 28 gram bag lasts for months.

Hmmmmmmmmm such a hard question. yes it shoudl be legalized with regulation of course.