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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 1992, Game of the Year (Runoff)


1992, Game of the Year (Runoff)

Mortal Kombat 5 12.50%
Sonic 2 13 32.50%
Super Mario Kart 8 20.00%
Wolfenstein 3D 9 22.50%
RC Pro-Am II 1 2.50%
Alone in the Dark 0 0%
Contra 3 1 2.50%
Super Mario Land 2 1 2.50%
Streets of Rage 2 1 2.50%
Looney Tunes 1 2.50%
rapsuperstar31 said:
JackHandy said:

For consoles, the biggest game by far was Sonic 2. It utterly dominated the industry. For arcades, the same was true for Mortal Kombat. Can't speak for PC, since I wasn't a PC gamer.

Sonic 2 did dominate the industry and was a very important game, it didn't outsell Mario Kart.  Sonic 2 sold 6 million, Mario Kart 8.76 million, Mortal Kombat sold 3 million across all platforms.  Now going into the arcade and just watching people playing Mortal Kombat games and pulling off fatalities was quite the experience back in the day.  Actually playing it not so much, since you would get a match or two against the computer, and than someone would sneak up behind you put in a quarter and beat you near flawlessly to take your spot.

Those numbers are final numbers, not sales from 1992 alone. During that year, there was a poll that showed more kids recognized Sonic than Mario, or even the President of the United States. lol. It was like GTA for a time. Just utterly slayed. 

Mortal Kombat didn't launch on consoles until 1993, but by the time it did, holy... If anyone picks anything but MK in the '93 poll, they were either a PC gamer, or weren't alive back then. Because that game was the console industry. 

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Super Mario Land 2 is fun and creative, so it gets my vote.

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I haven't yet voted in these, but I will certainly try moving forward!

This was a little tricky initially, since I'm so used to NA launch dates. In my mind 1992 is the year of A Link to the Past.

But according to the rules, my vote goes to Shining Force. It's an underrated gem in the strategy RPG genre, and one of my absolute favorite Genesis games.

Dragon Quest 5 is my favourite made in 1992.
Runner up is Sonic 2.
Third is Mario Kart.

Sonic 2 was easily my favourite platformer between Super Mario Bros 3 and Donkey Kong Country.
However, I'm an RPG guy, and Dragon Quest 5 is one of my favourites of the 1990s even if I played it quite a while after 1992 (probably about 1997 or 1998 for the first time). I put it up there with games like Final Fantasy 6, and Chrono Trigger which was made of a super team of devs from Final Fantasy 6 and Dragon Quest 5.

Dragon Quest 5 builds on Dragon Quest 4's wider scope story. Except, instead of the chapters relating to different main characters eventually converging, it's related to the different periods of your main characters life.

The first period has your character as a child, you adventure with your dad, meet friends, and visit various places. This is also where you first meet Bianca. Also when you come across the monster conspiracy.
The second period is your teen years, you and your friends have grown up and have various different involvements in the emerging war against the monsters, and other political issues across the world.
Later in your adult years you can pursue a relationship with a young woman... although, if you don't go for Bianca (at least on your first play through) you have no soul! :D
Even later, your character's wife will get pregnant and give birth to kids. You'll even be able to rule over a Kingdom.
Toward the end of the game, your character, his wife, and their children go off and battle against the powerful monster enemies. This is some 25-30 years after the beginning of the game.

Anyway, the reason Mario Kart is third is because I liked it as much as Sonic 2 back in the day, but unlike Sonic 2 or Dragon Quest 5 - both of which I've played in the last 3 years for hours - I haven't touched Mario Kart since about 2004, and before that one drunken night of Mario Kart on SNES, it was back in the 1990s that was the last time I played Mario Kart on SNES, as I never really looked back after Mario Kart 64 came out (and in turn Mario Kart Wii replaced 64, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe replaced Mario Kart 7/Wii) - so the Mario Kart games have less staying power for me than other game series like the original Sonic trilogy or the first five Dragon Quest games - I still liked later DQ titles, but it's only the first 5 that I replay again and again - a bit different than most, as I'd say DQ8 is the most popular.

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Dreamcaster999 said:
Chrkeller said:

1993 would go to Mana or Phantasy Star IV for me.

Phantasy Star IV is soooo good. Hope you'll join me in voting for that! Phantasy Star I managed to get the win in '87 so there's hope for IV!

I'm in.  I think it is the best PS title.  Fantastic title.

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Sonic 2 for games on the list.

A Link to the Past for games released in NA that year.

To add to this since we're on the early 90s, IMO the 12-month stretch from Aug. 1991 to July 1992 is one of the best if not the best 12-month stretches in the history of gaming, going by North American releases. It was the SNES's first twelve months in NA, and that system had a ton of great games in its first year. That span also saw the Genesis get quite a few great games, and even the NES was still getting some gems here and there.


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Is the Sonic 2 comeback on?!! I sure hope so!

SvennoJ said:
Vinther1991 said:

Totally agree, the Nintendo bias here is really through the roof. The original Mario Kart is incredibly clunky. Not even the best kart racer on the market at the time. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the best 2D platformer of the 4th generation and Streets of Rage 2 was the best brawler, those are imo the best games of 1992. Wolfenstein 3D is also a good choice, though it is harder for me to pick, as I feel ID software exceeded it in every possible way, already the next year.
Contra 3 also deserves consideration.

Looking ahead at 1993, PC literally exploded in great games, Doom, Myst, Day of the Tentacle, Star Wars X-Wing, Master of Orion and so many others, heavy hitters in all genres. But it will probably go to Links Awakening by default, if not Super Mario all stars.

FYI, I am not including Super Mario All-Stars in the poll for 93, and I'm vetoing anyone who votes for it as an "Other" option.  All of those games were already released.  Besides Mario 3 already won an entire decade.  Does it really need to keep on winning?

Mnementh said:
Dreamcaster999 said:

If 1992 goes to Mario Kart and 1993 goes to Link's Awakening or Mario All-Stars we should just change the name of these threads from "Game of the Year" to "Nintendo Game of the Year"

It will get also more PS-titles, once historically PS starts gearing up. The truth is this site is heavily console-biased, so PC, phone or arcade games come with an disadvantage at these polls. Insofar it is more surprising how well some PC games hold up in comparison in some of these year polls.

I agree with everything you are saying.  I would even go further to add 

1) Handheld games are also at a disadvantage compared to home console games.  Super Mario Land hardly got any votes in spite of being a Mario title that sold 18 million units.  (I am starting to wonder how Pokemon will do.)

2) If the game is a mainline, home console Mario or Zelda game then it has a gigantic advantage.  SMB 2 lost in it's year, but most people would put it in the bottom third for home console Mario games.  I think if a home console Mario or Zelda game is in the top two thirds for their respective series then it almost seems like an autowin regardless of what other games it's up against.  In fact the poll for 1991 will close soon and prove this point exactly.

Jpcc86 said:

No doubt the SNES had the best library, these have been the hardest polls IMO. Imma say Mario Kart,

I think the Genesis has a solid library, and the SNES has a better one overall.  However, once you go by release years, then you see that the SNES had a couple of week years, '92 and '93 (by original release date).  There were very good reasons why the Genesis surpassed the SNES in sales for a couple of years in North America.  This year '92, only has two SNES games in the poll and one never left Japan.  However '91, '94, '95 are all great years for SNES releases with several heavy hitters per year.

SvennoJ said:
Mnementh said:

It will get also more PS-titles, once historically PS starts gearing up. The truth is this site is heavily console-biased, so PC, phone or arcade games come with an disadvantage at these polls. Insofar it is more surprising how well some PC games hold up in comparison in some of these year polls.

Many early PC games had cross ports with Amiga 500, NES and SNES. Sim City managed to win the 1989 poll, yet likely because it had Mario and Bowser appear in the 1991 SNES version...

The game of the decade polls are a bit one sided, Mario vs Zelda, although FF7 can take it with the votes split between all the Mario and Zelda titles lol.
Game of the 90s is Half-Life for me, it changed the FPS genre, set the bar for many years to come, AI that still feels fresh today, great campaign chock full of movie references, in game cut scenes that don't lock the player down, and HL led to launch of Steam with HL2. We'll see if it stands a chance :)
(Nope OOT came out that year as well lol)

Anyway these threads are an awesome trip down memory lane :) It's hard to believe how many great games came out year after year. I keep thinking this or that came out much later. And also a decade where humor still played a prominent part in games thanks to all the amazing point and click adventures. Today's games feel so dry and grindy in comparison. Humor doesn't really work for 100+ hour games...

I agree.  Going through these threads is a reminder that there innovative, mind-blowing and genre defining games coming out almost every year in the '80s and '90s.  Some years, like 1991, had mind-blowing games on almost every platform.  Contrast that today where the big games are still Minecraft, GTA5 and Mario Kart 8.  All of those games released roughly a decade ago.  If there were a ton of great releases today, then collectively as gamers we would mostly forget about games from a decade ago to play the new stuff.

Sonic 2 for me, played on the SMS. One of my childhood favourites. The inability to save was a killer, so I must've replayed the first few levels dozens of times; I don't think I ever got past Scrambled Egg Zone.

Dreamcaster999 said:

I voted for Sonic 2. Imo, it's the best non-RPG of the generation. Top to bottom quality and fun. Sonic 2 is a Sonic game which really understands how to design levels which allow you to build up speed and use your momentum to discover secrets and perform cool tricks while still providing a good level of challenge. Masterpiece.

Anyway, I have to say that the Nintendo bias is getting crazy now. If Wolfenstein 3D can get a run-off and win, I would accept Sonic 2's loss, but Mario Kart? Really?? It's not even a good game. The later Mario Karts are great fun (still not GotY material), but the original on SNES is not at the same level. It really does feel like too many people will just vote for whatever Nintendo game came out that year like some kind of hive mind.

I agree that the first Mario Kart does not deserve to win this. Yes it was fun. But it wasn’t that fun yet.