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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 1992, Game of the Year (Runoff)


1992, Game of the Year (Runoff)

Mortal Kombat 5 12.50%
Sonic 2 13 32.50%
Super Mario Kart 8 20.00%
Wolfenstein 3D 9 22.50%
RC Pro-Am II 1 2.50%
Alone in the Dark 0 0%
Contra 3 1 2.50%
Super Mario Land 2 1 2.50%
Streets of Rage 2 1 2.50%
Looney Tunes 1 2.50%

Wow, this is so awesome. I didn't actually think Sonic would get over the line, but here we are!

Truly a desrving winner to celebrate one of the best games of the generation and to mark the brief period of time when Sega was the king of the gaming industry!

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Pajderman said:

Congrats to sonic for the comeback. Even if I don't like the game I'm glad it beat Mario Kart.

Basically how I would have felt had Wolfenstein won. Two monumental titans of the era which ultimately appeal to different types of gamers

Mario Kart on the other hand, was a good and fun game but not GotY material

Nice work Sonic 2, well deserved.

Gotta be FF5 for me. Enjoyable characters, heaps of content, more challenging than any mainline FF (barring FF7 Remake hard mode), kickass soundtracks, and last but not least the best battle system among 2D FFs.

Super underrated :(