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Shadow1980 Since Halo Infinite is on the horizon, time to bring back the Mega Chief avatar.
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< Shadow1980 updated his status:

Since Halo Infinite is on the horizon, time to bring back the Mega Chief avatar.

I love this avatar, man. Love it! Very excited to see what 343 has been cooking up, even if I'm admittedly a Bungie era fan ... I still have a little hope in me

on 15 July 2020

< COKTOE posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

I haven't watched it in a quarter century, but I did love it. I still do really...but it's been so that Bubblegum Crisis in your sig?

Yes it is.

on 23 June 2020

Knight-a Sabres.....Sanjo! I had it on VHS, and after about a decade, they were lost. Always planned on buying it on DVD, but never did. A blessing in a way, because it's on Blu-Ray, which is a nice surprise. Gotta buy it.

on 24 June 2020

< OnlyForDisplay posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Hello Shadow-Sensei! Remember me, OnlyForDisplay!! I understand it has been far too long since I last visited and a many of things have changed since then!

Most importantly though, I am happy to see that you have become a moderator! Congratulations on that! Hope to talk to you and hear from you soon!

Thanks! Where have you been these past three years?

on 23 June 2020

< cycycychris posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Congrats at becoming a Mod!


on 03 May 2020

< Nu-13 posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Really need to take a break from those gymnastics. The switch is the only 9th gen system. It came out too long after the wii u to be a part of the same gen and is thus 9th gen. Later this year, the ps5 and xsx are coming too long after the switch to be part of the same generation and thus will be 10th gen. Plain and simple.

NPD and Nintendo say differently. End of discussion. You may want it to be Gen 9 because it makes sense to you, but I really don't care makes sense to you. The facts are right there staring you in the face. If you want to ignore them, then that's your problem. Take it up with the NPD and Nintendo.

on 01 February 2020

PS5 and XBSX being 10th gen has to be one of the most stupid thing I’ve read a Nintendo worshipper say in recent time.

on 10 February 2020

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Is there a possibility that the Nintendo Switch will be the best-selling console?

in Sales Discussion 5 hours ago

Ain't gonna happen. I've been over this before in other threads, but the Switch would need to be incredibly back-loaded. By this point (~40 months), most Nintendo systems had sold through the majority of their lifetime totals. While the Switch is less front-loaded than Nintendo's past home consoles and has racked up over 20M in its first 40 months (a very impressive total, to be sure), it would...

Write 66

June NPD 2020

in Sales Discussion 3 days ago

Since that's the best we're going to have for now, I'll plug in the Era estimates into my data set. And now, chart time! If and when we get better data, I will update all the data points. Anywho, not much to say. The COVID-19 bubble obviously popped for the PS4 & XBO after April. Barring any significant margins or error with the Era estimates, and they are back to being down from the...

Write 102

Will PS5 repeat the success of the PS4, and achieve 50 % marketshare?

in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

If we limit it to just PS vs. Xbox, then globally there's no doubt that the PS5 will attain majority market share, and by a considerable margin. Even with everything going in MS's favor the 360 sold at a slower rate than the PS3 and ended at just under 50% market share for conventional consoles.However, the U.S. could very well be more competitive next generation. While there are still unknown...


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