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    < Nu-13 posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    Really need to take a break from those gymnastics. The switch is the only 9th gen system. It came out too long after the wii u to be a part of the same gen and is thus 9th gen. Later this year, the ps5 and xsx are coming too long after the switch to be part of the same generation and thus will be 10th gen. Plain and simple.

    NPD and Nintendo say differently. End of discussion. You may want it to be Gen 9 because it makes sense to you, but I really don't care makes sense to you. The facts are right there staring you in the face. If you want to ignore them, then that's your problem. Take it up with the NPD and Nintendo.

    on 01 February 2020

    PS5 and XBSX being 10th gen has to be one of the most stupid thing I’ve read a Nintendo worshipper say in recent time.

    on 10 February 2020

    < TruckOSaurus posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    This new avatar is unsettling after so many years seeing you as Mega Man.

    It's just a temporary thing. I decided to do an 8-bit MM-style Iron Man after seeing Endgame.

    I actually did something similar before. Around the time Halo 5 came out, I had an 8-bit MM-style Master Chief avatar for a few weeks.

    on 17 May 2019

    I appreciate your presence on this site.


    on 23 October 2018

    Yep. Keep up the great work.

    on 23 October 2018

    < Wright posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    You are a rockstar :)

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    Based on what we know about the PS5: What do you think is the cheapest it can can be and break even; What will be the actual price?

    in Sony Discussion 20 minutes ago

    Either $450 or $500.Currently, the PS4's launch price has an inflation-adjusted value of $444 (and, yes, inflation does matter; $400 for a console was obscenely expensive 25-30 years ago, but is reasonable now). So, $450 would be in line with that. Assuming the PS5 does cost as much to make as has been reported, I don't see them going with $400 as that might be too big of a per-unit loss. $500...

    Write 43

    Best decade for gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

    curl-6 said: By the last year of the 90s the transition to 3D was complete and we had the Dreamcast and games like Soul Calibur, as well as stuff like Half Life on the PC. F-Zero X on the N64 holds up really well too I think due to being one of the few 3D games of its generation to hit 60fps. Yeah, F-Zero X was a good one. Getting it to run at a steady 60 fps was a hell of an...

    Write 43

    Best decade for gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

    The 90s, hands down. Going by U.S. release dates, here's some of the notable games released in just the first half of the decade: 1990: Super Mario Bros. 3, Mega Man 3, River City Ransom, Batman, Double Dragon II, Final Fantasy, Super C, Ninja Gaiden II, Castlevania III, Dragon Warrior II, StarTropics, TMNT II: The Arcade Game, Phantasy Star II, Thunder Force III, Strider, Castle of Illusion...


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