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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Direct set for September 14 at 7:00 a.m. PT / 10:00 a.m. ET

All I liked out of this Direct are that we now know more about Splatoon 3 Side Order, Princess Peach Showtime, Paper Mario TTYD is back, Mario VS DK and the new Contra. F-Zero 99 kinda made me wanna Falcon Punch my screen in extreme disappointment, instead of Dixie Kong in Mario Kart 8 DX we're getting Peachette even though most of us don't give a shit about her anymore, and I actually skipped through announcements that I didn't give a shit about, of which there were more than I expected. -_-

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woah fzero 99 is a cool idea. Definitely gonna be trying that out today.

MK Wave 6...I'm confused, is there only one new course??? Aren't there 8 courses per wave? Or did they for some reason only decide to show off one course?

Soundwave said:

That looks like an end of life release list alright. No Metroid Prime 4, a ton of remakes.

Yes. I mean it's fully expected for Switch 2 to hit holiday next year, so not surprising. I'd at most expect one more major first party AAA game for Switch that isn't yet announced, and if such a thing does come I wouldn't expect an announcement until a few months into next year. Other than that its gonna be remakes and AA games.

Honestly Metroid Prime 4 probably got moved over to next gen development which is likely why we've never heard anything about it. I would guess it will be a first half of 2025 Switch 2 game. I don't expect it to be launch title cuz 3D Mario and MK9 will do the job for major games in holiday 2025. Hope to see Prime 2 and 3 remasters on Switch next year, but Prime 4 next gen, which would actually be cool since Prime art style is definitely a series that strongly benefits from stronger graphics since its a more realistic aesthetic than most Nintendo games).

Ashadelo said:

Ugh! This is not the F Zero game many of us wanted.... :(

A remake/remaster of GX would've made us F-Zero fans scream with joy! 

Nintendo really was being honest when they said they had no idea why people were clamoring for a new F-Zero lol

This direct was like a C imo. I didn't have high expectations this direct cause I felt like Nintendo already announced so much in the June direct including 2 2024 games being Luigi's Mansion 2 and the Peach game, so i didn't think they would so much more that's new.

But yea I agree with what the rest have said, this direct is showing that the Switch is definitely winding down. There were really no new game announcements here, literally all of the Nintendo games shown were remakes/remaster of some sort. I'm not complaining, I love remasters and remakes coming over to Switch to give an older game new life and bring it for the first time over to a portable system. But it's clear that if all Nintendo has to show is remakes and remasters instead of new games, they're definitely not putting much resources or time on Switch 1 games anymore and all the big teams have moved on the Switch 2.

I'm ok with this though, remakes & remasters to end a generation is the best way to transition from one generation to the next. Remasters/remakes provide Nintendo an easy way to provide consumers with content to end the generation without actually spending a ton of time and resources like you would with new games. It seems like this is how Nintendo's gonna end the Switch gen, expect a ton of more remasters. I'm still thinking the Prime 2/3 remasters will eventually come over, as well as the Windwaker/TP remasters which been rumored for the longest of time. F-Zero GX remaster still been rumored to come eventually, Nintendo has a huge backlog of games they could easily remasters to keep us busy til next gen. I also expect some more C-tier Nintendo new games like a Mario Baseball game, stuff that doesn't takes much resources to make.

However, when it comes to any A-tier franchises on Switch, I think after Mario Wonder there will be no more of those A-tier games on Switch outside of maybe a new Pokemon gen.

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Slownenberg said:

woah fzero 99 is a cool idea. Definitely gonna be trying that out today.

MK Wave 6...I'm confused, is there only one new course??? Aren't there 8 courses per wave? Or did they for some reason only decide to show off one course?

There are 8. They usually just show one from each wave for some reason.

I'd give that direct a 7/10. I went in with 0 expectations. I was actually surprised a direct had actually been announced. I didn't think Nintendo would have much to show, given it's fairly obvious a new gen from nintendo is coming soon and they had already announced a few 2024 titles in the last direct. Was pleased with what i saw and there were actually a few surprises.
Pro's. Not for me but Mario vs. Dk actually looked like fun.
Princess Peach game also looked a lot of fun.
Another Code R. Had the Switch title and genuinely enjoyed it. Was not expecting a remake of both titles but looked pretty cool.
Horizon Chase 2 baby!
Wario ware looks like it will be riotous fun!
Super Mario RPG looks really good.
The museum!
Cons. A little too much Mario content but i guess understanding due to the recent success of the movie.
A few filler RPGs that looked meh.
Not the F Zero most were hoping for. Not a massive F Zero fan but played 99 and it is ok and very addictive but i still understand how frustrating it must be for proper fans.
Meh:- Peachette, Diddy Kong. Tomb raider and that trombone game. It looks like it could be hilarious for... 5 minutes! It gets a bonus point though, for fooling me into thinking it was a wii music remake at first.
All in all i thought it was a good Direct, given that i went in with 0 expectations.



In my opinion the N64 was not just the best console of the 5th gen but, to this day the best console ever created!

I agree with those saying it feels like the end of Switch draws near. The Princess Peach game might one of the last big(ger) original games. The rest was small, remaster or remake, DLC or expansions or stuff we already knew was coming. It’s okay though.

The museum should be fun, though the architecture looked a bit plain, but too bad I’d have to go all the way to Kyoto to see it.

I just remembered, kinda suprising they didn't show off Hogwarts Legacy for Switch since that's supposed to come out in two months. Normally Nintendo is more than happy to show off late ports and this is one of the biggest games of the year. Guess it could get delayed.

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As I said earlier, not the worst Direct. But it's far from the top.
Most of the third-party put me to sleep. It's not merely the fact that I'm gonna play multiplats on PS5 over Switch, but also almost nothing interested me.
Princess Peach: Showtime! looks great. It's out March 22, just before the end of the fiscal year.
Wave 6 of Mario Kart looks great, especially the characters.
F-Zero 99 seems like a slap in the face. Yes, it is a new release in the long-dead series. But it's locked behind Switch Online and a Battle Royale version of the original F-Zero. People tend to care about X and GX. Very few without nostalgia goggles probably give a darn about the OG game or the GBA titles. Maybe there is a slow burn revival for F-Zero.
1. F-Zero 99 2. F-Zero GX HD 3. New F-Zero
At least they're getting Luigi's Mansion titled correctly. Calling it Dark Moon in North America was dumb. 2 is a better title. I have a feeling it was pretty early in development when announced in June, since it's not coming out until Summer 2024.
Another Code looks cool.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is the one to wait for in 2024. Here's hoping the first and third games get remade as well.

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