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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumor: Switch 2 has 12GB RAM and 512GB internal storage


These specs would be...

better than I've expected 33 67.35%
about what I've expected 14 28.57%
worse than I've expected 2 4.08%

Internal memory being that much is fine - I just hope we can continue using SD cards - I'm using a 1 TB one for my Switch for an example.

All other specs is whatever for me.

The only thing I want is b/c for the Switch.

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RolStoppable said:
Chrkeller said:

Seems about right to me. Games are getting large so 512 gb storage is right. 12 gb ram is pretty normal these days. My cheap laptop has 16 gb.  Memory speed is arguably more important than amount.  

Switch 2 is going to a very nice upgrade over the current Switch. I can't wait to see games like LM4 and pikmin 4.

I'm standing by my prediction of xbox one and ps4 arena of power.  When new hardware is on the way it is always overhyped.  The ps2 and the famous FF8 dance scene.  The ps5 and 4k 60 fps promises.  The list goes on and on.  Switch 2 will land slightly less powerful than the rumors are suggesting.

The most important rumored spec is the 8 inch LCD screen. This means the console itself will be a bit bigger than Switch, allowing for a bigger battery to be implemented. This doesn't mean that Switch 2 will have longer battery life than the original Switch though, but rather that Nintendo aims for not falling below the 2.5 to 6 hours range of the original Switch.


Is Nintendo sticking with Samsung for the screens on Switch 2?  I wonder if that 8" screen could be foldable to keep the system smaller.  I have no idea how expensive that would be though and a larger footprint would allow for a bigger battery size anyway as you said.  It'd be neat though and would have that trendy vibe that the GBASP did when it was released.

I only have 2 request...
1) no more issues like the joycon drift
2) any "physical" collections coming to Nintendo's new system to have all the games on the cartridge and not some bs where you get 1 game on cartridge then download the rest.

This could be true.
But I'm, expecting more in the range of...
8-10 GB of RAM
128-256 GB of Storage

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If true RAM meets my expectations but storage is surprisingly high. I was expecting half of that considering how Nintendo historically skimps on internal storage but that would be a very nice upgrade over the 32GB in the original Switch. It's looking like the Switch 2 might be even better compared to how capable the Switch was in 2017 which would be great.

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siebensus4 said:

Felipe Lima from the Brasilian videogame outlet Universo Nintendo said that he got information from Nintendo during Gamescom that Nintendo's next system has 12GB RAM, 512GB internal storage, DLSS 3.1 and ray tracing support. It also should have an 8-inch LCD screen and uses cartridges.

Nintendo hasn't confirmed anything yet, so please treat it with a grain of salt. If the rumor is true, Nintendo's next system should be somehow comparable with Xbox One X (not Series X – something between PS4 Pro and PS5).

12GB RAM makes sense. Switch has 4gb from from 2017, so 2024 Switch 2 having 12gb sounds right. Could be slightly less.

I doubt 512gb storage. Switch owners are used to putting their games on SD cards and by the time Switch 2 is out a terabyte SD card won't even be that much money. Nintendo skimped on storage in the Switch to shave off some cost and I don't see them not doing the same thing this time. I'd say its gonna be either 128gb or 256gb, wouldn't surprise me at all if its the smaller.

DLSS 3+ makes sense.

8 inch screen...i don't think so. The OLED is only 7 inches. I think they'll match that 7 inches, I don't see them going to 8. One reason is battery, another reason is Switch 2 might be getting too big to reasonably be portable once you start hitting an 8 inch screen, the Switch is already pushing the limits on what is a good portable size, I could only see them at most slightly increasing the size from the Switch's size. Though even the Switch OLED has a little extra space around it so it could be possible to get a whole extra inch out of the screen by going all the way to the ends while only very slightly increasing the size of the system. Though still even if the system is slightly larger, I would think to keep cost down and to keep battery up they would do 7inch screen with a little space left over, and then later in the gen we'd get an OLED upgrade that could be an 8inch OLED.

And while I'm hoping for OLED screen, LCD has been rumored and they may have decided to do shave off some cost for the launch system by doing LCD. They gotta make sure it is at very most $399 and ideally a lower price than that so doing 128gb and LCD screen in order to make it a powerful system and still affordable makes sense.

Just as Switch is a little more powerful than PS3/360 I'd expect Switch 2 to be in the power range of PS4 and Xbox one. I don't expect PS4 Pro / Xbox one X power though, that seems very unlikely. With DLSS I expect PS4 Pro / Xbox One X results, but not the actual specs to match up. Though I suppose saying comparable to Xbox One X probably means not the raw power but the actual output using DLSS so I suppose that makes sense it could be close to that thanks to superior technologies these days.

I think likely:

7 inch LCD

128gb storage

10-12gb RAM


Battery life about what original Switch model had

PS4 level power but with DLSS performs in the PS4 Pro / XBox 1 X range

Dimensions of the system being every so slightly larger than Switch (maybe like a cm longer/taller - also slightly larger joycons, and a few mm thicker)

Under $400

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I don't see how this rumor would make it comparable to the Xbox One X, nor do I find that particularly likely, but ignoring that detail the various rumors out there are honestly better than what I would have expected (which is a little worrying, since it could set us up for dissapointment, but we'll see).

To be honested what I kind of expected (and somwhat still do) is that it'll be the equivalent of a Steam Deck, only slimmer, chaper and with less storage. 512GB is the same as the most expensive Deck model so that's much better than I would have thought, and the GPU rumors out there are sounding better than what the Deck has, but I suppose overall it could still end up equivalent since the Deck apparently runs above its paygrade when just looking at the GPU.

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Why are people skeptical of 512 storage? The average ps4 game is 40 to 60 gb.... isn't the switch 2 like the ps4? Nintendo has to prefer people to go digital over physical for the profit margins. I beleive the 512 gb storage more than the 12 gb ram.  128 gb isn't remotely enough, heck DLC will fill that up.  

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If true, this is gonna be a expesive boy. Likely $449-499, no way Nintendo is making It $399 and taking a loss.

I think It's fake.

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Chrkeller said:

Why are people skeptical of 512 storage? The average ps4 game is 40 to 60 gb.... isn't the switch 2 like the ps4? Nintendo has to prefer people to go digital over physical for the profit margins. I beleive the 512 gb storage more than the 12 gb ram.  128 gb isn't remotely enough, heck DLC will fill that up.  

The Switch is 32gbs, The Wii U had options of either 8GB or 32GB.  I would be shocked if it's bigger than 128GB, but pleasantly surprised if its higher.  The more powerful and the more expensive Nintendo makes the next console the harder it will be for them if it flops.  The Gamecube and Wii U both failed miserably in between their successes in the Wii and Switch.  Video games are Nintendo's main income, and they can't afford making an expensive machine that fails.