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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which console will sell more units in 2023?


Which console sells more?

Playstation 5 76 66.09%
Nintendo Switch 37 32.17%
Xbox Series 2 1.74%

A simple question.... Which one of these consoles sells more units in the calendar year of 2023? 

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I believe the Switch will hand its crown to the PS5 this year, which should be its peak year

I tip my hat to the believer who voted Xbox Series.

I agree with SKMBlake that this should be the year the Switch passes the baton to the PS5 and it could actually be the PS5's peak if there's enough stock due to all the pent up demand. The only way I can see the Switch potentially coming out on top is if they have a major revision up their sleeve and are doubling down just when everybody thinks we're nearing the next system.

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This may as well be a PS5 and Switch only discussion.

Between those two, who knows. Until the Switch shows serious signs of decline, it will most likely be that.


CGI-Quality said:

This may as well be a PS5 and Switch only discussion.

Between those two, who knows. Until the Switch shows serious signs of decline, it will most likely be that.

The Switch has been an absolute sales beast, but the PS5 has been strengthening its stock. And as much as I like some of the games coming out this year, does it have enough in the tank to propel it to the top spot again?

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If Sony does indeed release a slim version this year then I can see PS5 taking the #1 spot for this year.

PS5 stock is almost completely filled now, I see them everywhere, and they were up by a lot in Q4 of 2022 compared to the prior year. The Switch is past its peak, I think it will have some decline this CY (at least 10-12% is realistic), and I believe the PS5 will beat it for the first time. But not by all that much, when all is said and done.

This is really hard to say. I mean, obviously it's between Switch and PS5 and both will definitely be above 15m this year.

The easy answer is the PS5 since it's destined to have a very strong year, as stock doesn't seem like it will be an issue going forward.

However, if the Switch has a year that included, say, Zelda, Pikmin, 4, New 2D (or 3D) Mario, New DK and Prime 4 (along with any bundle/value adds that could easily happen) and factoring in the extra MK tracks still arriving and the hype of the Mario movie? Then I think the Switch has a shot. And while it may seem far-fetched for a year like that to occur, remember that Nintendo is going to want its big 2023 games - especially the ones that arrive in the last quarter - to sell throughout 2024 as they ready Switch 2's late 2024/2025 launch.

Furthermore, I think that PS5 will have its peak next year. These consoles are going to be around for at least 8 years (PS4 peaked in its 4th year). Closer to GTA6's debut and after there's more software available for the masses to jump in is when I think PS5's biggest numbers will happen.

So for now, I'll stick to Nintendo knowing what it's doing upping production and vote for a slim victory for Switch.

Stock won't be as much of an issue for PS5 this year, and its building library is appealing. So, I'll say the PS5.

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Swtich only if Nintendo release new Mario game