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I think the best is...

Bayonetta 7 11.11%
Bayonetta 2 6 9.52%
Bayonetta 3 5 7.94%
Astral Chain 9 14.29%
Nier Automata 19 30.16%
Vanquish 7 11.11%
Metal Geart Rising Revengeance 4 6.35%
The Wonderful 101 3 4.76%
Madworld 3 4.76%
Other 0 0%

Over the last 14 years, Platinum have built a reputation for themselves as one of the premier developers of action games in the industry.

What do you think their best game is, and what about it makes it the best?

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Nier: Automata. One of the best stories in video games combined with excellent gameplay. Platinum has always been great at the gameplay side of things, but their stories are rarely a strong point of their games. Their stories can be fun and enjoyable, but Automata is far beyond the rest of their titles on that regard, largely because the story was written by someone else entirely.

I'll cast my vote for Metal Gear Rising. Don't think I've experienced any game, before or since, that encompasses pure energy and "hype" for lack of a better word quite like it.

Metal Gear Rising was really good. I'm not even into Metal Gear, but I had a lot of fun playing it.

Voted for Astral Chain even if I have Nier Automata (very slightly) ahead of it in my top 50. It's just, um, I expect Nier Automata to take the lead in the poll so I wanted to give Astral Chain some love. That said, it has gotten plenty of love here in recent years.

Nier Automata is unparalleled when it comes to story and soundtrack, for sure a masterpiece in those aspects, but Astral Chain in my opinion is unparalleled when it comes to combat. In fact, combat is one aspect of Nier Automata that, while good, is a bit disappointing for Platinum standards. Astral Chain's combat is super sick though, it feels so visceral and raw while also technical and tactical, it's easy enough to understand but it goes super deep and it just feels very rewarding whenever you kill an enemy, no matter how weak they are. It's just too much fun. And then you add in a good story and really cool setting, a good soundtrack, and decent non-combat gameplay, and you have an incredible game.

Then again, so is Nier Automata.

edit: just for context, the other Platinum games I played were Bayonetta 1/2, Star Fox Zero, and a little bit of Wonderful 101 which I disliked. Of these, Bayonetta 1 is by far my favorite, but still nothing that comes close to Nier or Astral Chain.

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 Legit tough question. You know I love Bayonetta and the series has yet to dissapoint me. I love Astral Chain. I love The Wonderful 101. I'm waiting for SOl Cresta in the mail to play it. I love Nier Automata. Def the best RPG they made and it's not their first as they also made Infinite Space on DS. Tho most of what makes Nier Automata great is Yoko Taro. Gameplay is great but it's the music and story that stands above all and Platinum didn't do that part.

It's so hard to choose tho between Metal Gear Rising and VanQuish as they are my two fave games they made. I just can't as they each offer something unique to the genre.  It's a tie for me. Metal Gear Rising and VanQuish. Both get me so pumped when playing them and played them so many times.

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My choice is obviously Astral Chain. I think I love everything about this game. The combat is top notch, the puzzles are great, the story is solid, the characters are interesting, the side quests are varied and fun, the leveldesign is complex and varied, the environments look great and the different areas all have their own feel and personality to them, the artstyle is insanely cool and in particular the soundtrack is incredible.

This game oozes character and is stylish like few other games. The combat is more fun than any other I've experienced and so satisfying.
The detective sections are engaging and fun. The stealth sections are remarkably solid. The astral plane features some really good puzzles and looks really cool.
There is a huge variety of enemies and their designs are so incredibly well done.
The final boss is one of the best I've ever encountered.
The soundtrack is one of the games strong points. In particular the epic boss battle tracks.

I love stuff that is really epic. And this game features epic moments a plenty and it's high octane action is right up my alley.
And the ending was really good too. Got me to tear up a bit.

I love seeing people pick Astral Chain. I love the game just not my fave PG game but the Sci-Fi almost punk-like atmosphere and has a very 80s anime feel to it. Platinum did its own take on Neon Genesis Evangelion but not as heavy-handed.....or jizz handed lol. So much about that game from sound effects to gameplay mechanics to moves. Are taken straight from Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising, and Nier Automata. The game is a love letter to old anime and PG's own games. I look forward to Astral Chain 2.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I've played Bayonetta 1, Bayonetta 2, The Legend of Korra and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

I voted Bayonetta 2 cause that is the one I enjoyed the most out of the four I played.

Metal Gear would have been #1 but that last boss was infuriating.

Leynos said:

I look forward to Astral Chain 2.