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Voted for Astral Chain even if I have Nier Automata (very slightly) ahead of it in my top 50. It's just, um, I expect Nier Automata to take the lead in the poll so I wanted to give Astral Chain some love. That said, it has gotten plenty of love here in recent years.

Nier Automata is unparalleled when it comes to story and soundtrack, for sure a masterpiece in those aspects, but Astral Chain in my opinion is unparalleled when it comes to combat. In fact, combat is one aspect of Nier Automata that, while good, is a bit disappointing for Platinum standards. Astral Chain's combat is super sick though, it feels so visceral and raw while also technical and tactical, it's easy enough to understand but it goes super deep and it just feels very rewarding whenever you kill an enemy, no matter how weak they are. It's just too much fun. And then you add in a good story and really cool setting, a good soundtrack, and decent non-combat gameplay, and you have an incredible game.

Then again, so is Nier Automata.

edit: just for context, the other Platinum games I played were Bayonetta 1/2, Star Fox Zero, and a little bit of Wonderful 101 which I disliked. Of these, Bayonetta 1 is by far my favorite, but still nothing that comes close to Nier or Astral Chain.

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