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My choice is obviously Astral Chain. I think I love everything about this game. The combat is top notch, the puzzles are great, the story is solid, the characters are interesting, the side quests are varied and fun, the leveldesign is complex and varied, the environments look great and the different areas all have their own feel and personality to them, the artstyle is insanely cool and in particular the soundtrack is incredible.

This game oozes character and is stylish like few other games. The combat is more fun than any other I've experienced and so satisfying.
The detective sections are engaging and fun. The stealth sections are remarkably solid. The astral plane features some really good puzzles and looks really cool.
There is a huge variety of enemies and their designs are so incredibly well done.
The final boss is one of the best I've ever encountered.
The soundtrack is one of the games strong points. In particular the epic boss battle tracks.

I love stuff that is really epic. And this game features epic moments a plenty and it's high octane action is right up my alley.
And the ending was really good too. Got me to tear up a bit.