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 Legit tough question. You know I love Bayonetta and the series has yet to dissapoint me. I love Astral Chain. I love The Wonderful 101. I'm waiting for SOl Cresta in the mail to play it. I love Nier Automata. Def the best RPG they made and it's not their first as they also made Infinite Space on DS. Tho most of what makes Nier Automata great is Yoko Taro. Gameplay is great but it's the music and story that stands above all and Platinum didn't do that part.

It's so hard to choose tho between Metal Gear Rising and VanQuish as they are my two fave games they made. I just can't as they each offer something unique to the genre.  It's a tie for me. Metal Gear Rising and VanQuish. Both get me so pumped when playing them and played them so many times.

Last edited by Leynos - on 15 January 2023

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