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Rate the DualSense

5 Stars 19 47.50%
4 Stars 15 37.50%
3 Stars 5 12.50%
2 Stars 0 0%
1 Star 1 2.50%
0 Stars 0 0%

Sony changed from the DualShock family to the new DualSense on PS5. Do you like this new controller? Is it really good, or would you change anything?

Bonus question: What's the best feature of the DualSense?

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4/5 it’s a great controller but there are a couple downsides that drop it down a notch for me.

It’s the size of the PS5 for controllers lol. I grab the DualSense after holding onto my Xbox, Switch Pro, or even my DualShock 4, and it feels like something the size of Everest in my hands lol.

But the worst part is the battery life. You gotta recharge this thing every other playthrough.

But that’s it for me. It’s a ton of fun to use and favorite feature are the triggers. Playing Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart blew my mind when it came to how each individual weapon felt on the triggers.

Best controller from Sony since the PS2 dualshock.

Yet, after playing a bit of Far Cry 6 with at my brother's home, I just don't like the inherent feeling of it's triggers. I just find them too tiny lol.

But yeah, pulling a trigger never felt so impressive since I held a lightgun for a rail shooter in arcades

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It's a brilliant controller... However.

1) Battery life is a letdown. (Par the course if the PS4 controller is any gauge.)
2) Non-replaceable battery. - Only a matter of when, not if, the Lithium cell fails, the PS5 controller shares the same fate in this regard as the Switch.
3) Built-In speaker lacks "oomph". - Yeah I know, it's built in, can't expect 5.1 surround sound, just would like something a little more substantial.
4) Adaptive triggers. - Awesome in theory, but not enough games are *really* making use of it.
5) Touchpad. - Useless for games.

But the great aspects are:
1) Great ergonomics, I think this is where "borrowing" from your closest competitor, Microsoft has paid big dividends.
2) Symmetrical control sticks. - I prefer this layout for 2D platformers and fighters and even racing titles, feels more natural for me in those types of games.
3) USB C. - Thank the Gods, the old and the new.
4) Haptic feedback. - Brilliant tech that is now industry standard across all major platforms. (Switch, Xbox and Playstation.)
5) Built in Microphone.

So for me, it's more like 4/5 in terms of rating, they are almost there with a perfect controller, they just need to refine some aspects to appeal to me more.

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I voted 5. It's one of my fave controllers. Astro's Playroom made me a believer. I prefer the ergonomics of the DualShock 4, but the DualSense is comfier than it looks. So as far as features go, it's better than all previous PlayStation controllers.

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4 out of 5. Battery life is my only issue with it, feels like it goes dead every few hours (even the black one that I've had for less than a year dies after a few hours as well).

I like it a lot. They need to fix the battery life tho. I hope the drift is corrected. The comfiest controller they made as Sony's first 3 sucked. DS4 and this are the first time Sony made controllers that fit someone's hands bigger than a 5-year-old hand. I still wish it had back buttons and no I don't think $200 is worth that.

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Best PS controller Sony made so far. Best controller since the 360 one.

The features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers would be enough to justify a 5, but due to the significantly worsened ergonomics compared to the absolutely perfect Dual Shock 4 I have to substract a point.

Leynos said:

I still wish it had back buttons and no I don't think $200 is worth that.

You know you can buy modified controllers from third parties like Aimcontrollers that cost far less and even have more back buttons than the Edge controller that are configurable, too. They are still double that of a standard controller but for a tool you use ever day I think it is justifiable, given the quality of life improvements.

I like it but havent used it much - only used it when I played a bit of Street Fighter V on Steam.