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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony acquires Bungie for $3.6 billion - staying multiplatform

Tit for tat. Not the acquisition I would have gone for, and quite frankly overpriced I think.

I have never played a Bungie game so not really interested in them as a developer.

Sony now owns the creators of Halo. What a strange world we live in.

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Why does this feel like an April Fools?! Lol.

Sony acquisitions have always gone full exclusive so this definitely feels reactionary and their "just incase" COD/Overwatch is pulled in future. They will potentially have 2 FPS IPs (Destiny 3 + New IP), to cushion them.

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Good purchase for them imo, even if it is at a premium. Sony need a studio like Bungie.

I used to adore Halo but the Destiny games at release (havent played any Destiny 2 DLCs) have never captured my attention.... Hopefully whatever they do next has a bit more of Oomph where campaign is concerned and (local multiplayer would also be sweet)

Hopefully sony invests in expansions so they can support Destiny as a live service game, whilst having 2 alternating teams approach other titles.

The consolidation in the gaming industry continues...


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Seems to me like the best purchase to counter Call of Duty loss.

^ Yeah, this was probably based on the need for an FPS blockbuster.






Compared to what they paid for Insomniac it seems like an overpay. It's probably a good purchase and interesting that they say right off the bat that the games will remain multi platform. Perhaps it will be for a few years just to recoup the 3.6 billion before going exclusive to Sony.  Anyone know how many units Destiny 2 sold?  Now we just need Nintendo to buy Sega,Microsoft buys rival Sony'sold mascots Crash/Spyro, Sony buys former Halo creator Bungie, and Nintendo buys former rival Sonic.

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A bit expensive considering they won't even be fully integrated into SIE.

Oh for fucks sake...

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