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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What year will the Switch successor release?


What year will Switch successor release?

2022 2 2.35%
2023 13 15.29%
2024 50 58.82%
2025 16 18.82%
2026 3 3.53%
2027 & Beyond 1 1.18%

I'm still with 2025 Release

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VMCJonCarter said:

I'm still with 2025 Release

That’s way too early. 2027 at the earliest. Probably 2033.

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I would have said holiday '23...but with the way they handles Switch and 3ds, I'm leaning towards late winter/spring of '24

aikohualda said:
Alex_The_Hedgehog said:

Even if the successor comes next holidays, Switch will probably still outsell the PS4.

I mean, PS4 is only 15 million ahead of Switch, and we can see how great Switch is selling. Plus, we still have Splatoon 3, Zelda and Metroid Prime 4 and some third party games coming this year.

I am starting to think there's no way Switch won't reach PS4 numbers.

Im just thinking... like how they did Wii U. imagine a surprised announcement from nintendo saying... Switch 2 will be out by April that will have Metroid prime, splatoon 3, BOTW 2 as a release games like how switch and wii u had BOTW.

But yeah i want switch to outsell original gameboy :)

Even with the WiiU though, Nintendo had been talking about the NX since March of 2015.  So, 2 years before the Switch launch, we not only officially knew that Nintendo was working on its next console, but we also knew what its codename was.  Also, the WiiU was selling what, 3m consoles a year?  That's a far cry from the 20m+ Switches that have been sold the past 2 years running.  There's absolutely no reason for Nintendo to cut the legs out from the Switch right now.

I have thought holiday 2023 for a while but at this point that is probably the earliest possible release date for it. 2024 is looking more likely as time goes on though I hope it doesn't release any later than that since it taking till 2025 for an upgrade would be rough.

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With the chip shortage, not anytime soon. Probably 2025. Then again Nintendo likes the scarcity game..

Went with 2025, but I could see it happening in 2027. There are two major issues. In the short term, there is the chip shortage. Nintendo likely sees Sony struggling to get consoles there and how its hurting their platform. They don't want to end up in the same situation. Console launches are risky, and Nintendo knows this. They wont jump the gun. The other issue is the economy. Inflation is going to be an issue and the Fed basically has to raise rates and cause a recession to deal with it. It's a damn if you do, damn if you don't situation. Nintendo has a huge install base and games are still selling well. They don't want to throw that away if they can't sell consoles.

What I expect we'll see is a Super Switch in 2024 or 2025. It will play Switch games and new releases will be on both. They'll phase the basic Switch over 2-3 years. But all in all, I don't see the next generation happening any time soon. Holiday 2024 is the earliest it could happen.

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early 2023 with a duel release of breath of the wild 2 :P

they will not send that game to die on the switch at the end of its lifetime

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Roma said:

early 2023 with a duel release of breath of the wild 2 :P

they will not send that game to die on the switch at the end of its lifetime

Gosh, can you imagine Nintendo doing that? We'd have two Nintendo home consoles (well Switch is a hybrid, but that means it can be a home console) in a row without an original Zelda game for one platform. And no, Link's Awakening (Switch Remake) doesn't count. Breath of the Wild was originally designed for the Wii U, but later cross-gen. Thus, the Wii U had no original Zelda main title. If they do the cross-gen release thing next year, same with the Switch. 

Before COVID-19 and the continued smash hit of the Switch, I would've guessed 2023 for Switch 2. Now I say 2024.

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Dulfite said:
Slownenberg said:

2024 is the obvious answer. I've been saying that for a few years. Never understood the people who want Nintendo to kill it off early like in '22 or '23.

I could only see them pushing out to 2025/26 if they were planning another round of major first party games for the Switch (like another 3D mario, MK9, and gen 9 Pokemon in 2023) and then they could release some smaller franchises in '24/'25 at the end of Switch's life. But I doubt it as all those games are much more likely to be early Switch 2 releases in 2024 I bet.

I have not seen anyone, let alone enough people for it to be considered a movement, saying it should be replaced in 2022. All I've seen is some people saying that there are people that want it in 2022 and that they disagree with them, but I've yet to see anyone specifically take that stance, let alone enough to justify posts like this suggesting there is a decently numbered faction in this camp. It's like someone started a rumor and now people believe this group exists when it doesn't really.

As for 2023, that wouldn't be killing it off early. If they released it March 2023, that would be exactly 6 years later, and considering their console generations are about 6 years on average, that isn't killing it off early. But most posts I've seen about 2023 have been people speculating holiday 2023, so 6.5+ years later, and certainly not killing it off early. That's an extra half year for Switch to gobble up some sales before 2witch comes out.

Over the past year or two I have lots of time seen people on here saying Switch 2 should come out 2022 or at latest 2023. It might have just been the same few people, I dunno, but I saw that posted on here plenty. Sure now that it's 2022 they aren't saying that anymore, but a year or two ago there were plenty of posts like that.

And of course 2023 would be early haha. Come on. It just closed out 2021 about as much as Wii's peak year and has multiple huge games coming out this year, with several big first party IP we're still waiting to hear about or get release dates on, that will presumably be coming out in 2023. Both from a hardware sales and from a software library point of view, Spring 2023 would be insanely early and the definition of cutting the Switch off early.

The only times Nintendo has ever cut off systems drastically early like that was with the GBA and DS when they wanted to bring out a new system to compete with the more powerful playstation portables that had been released. The Switch has no such competition so there is no reason to cut it off early by launching a successor in 2023. A successor in Spring 2023 would be crazy stupid early.

Even if Nintendo hadn't been telling us for years that Switch will be around for a long time, just looking at the sales numbers it'd be insane to launch a successor before 2024. And launching in just over a year is completely laughable. 2024 is most likely, and 2025 makes a lot more sense than 2023. 2023 would be drastically early for no reason. You seem to be very caught up on this idea that a new Nintendo system must come out 6 years after launch, and you're ignoring ALL the context - like the fact that Switch just had two years that blew away the Wii's two best years but did it in it's four and fifth years, that the Switch is still selling insane coming into its sixth year despite no price cuts on hardware or first party software, that the Switch has a huge lineup of evergreen mega sellers in 2022 which they presumably want to keep selling beyond the first few months after they launch and not cut them off by trying to put everyone's attention on a new system, and there's multiple big games from series that aren't even on the docket for this year, at least as far as we know. I know you're a Nintendo bear and all but ya gotta at least pretend to be realistic lol.

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