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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What year will the Switch successor release?


What year will Switch successor release?

2022 2 2.35%
2023 13 15.29%
2024 50 58.82%
2025 16 18.82%
2026 3 3.53%
2027 & Beyond 1 1.18%

I just wanna get a general idea of what you guys think when it comes to the release date of the Switch successor.

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I think 2024 at the earliest

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

March 2024 at the latest.

Holiday 2023 (earliest), Holiday 2024 (plausible), Holiday 2025 (latest)

4th Quarter 2023: New Switch SKU. 1st Quarter 2025: Switch 2 w/ Mario Kart 9, cross gen with Switch 1. Mark thy words.

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Holiday 2023 at the earliest, most likely 2024.

Q1/2024 or Q1/2025. (i had voted for 2024 in the poll). I guess Nintendo will stick to Spring-releases in future, like with 3DS or Switch.
In 2022 now there are coming some games for Switch. I dont think they are able to properly support Switch 2 with games, when it launches earlier.

I think it will probably be 2024.  Not only is Switch still selling great, but chip shortages will probably elongate this generation.  That also makes 2025 a possibility.  On top of that it is clear Nintendo is going to have a lot big software releases next year.  If they were releasing in 2023, then they would just save most of that software for the next system.

One likely event is that they aim for a holiday 2024 release, but then they push it back to early 2025.  Chip shortages and software delays could definitely make something like this happen.

2024. Whether March or holiday is for me still up in the air though.

I don't even know. In 2017, I would have guessed this year or early next year. Nintendo tends average five years with their hardware.