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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How big is your gaming backlog?


How big is your gaming backlog?

0 games 19 2.56%
1 - 5 games 82 11.04%
6 - 10 games 57 7.67%
11 - 20 games 90 12.11%
21 - 30 games 46 6.19%
31 - 40 games 29 3.90%
41 - 50 games 24 3.23%
51 - 100 games 65 8.75%
101 - 200 games 72 9.69%
More than 200 games 259 34.86%

When do you admit to yourself that certain games on your back log can go on the will never play pile. I still have Dragon Quest and Persona in my ps2 backlog...

I hardly ever consider holding off from buying new games I don't have time to play, I'm weak. My PS5 backlog is already getting in the 11-20 games range while I just subscribed to gamepass for 3 months... If I go back to where my backlog started in the 90s, easily over 200.

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Counting only games that I bought and own then the number is about 30.

Counting all the "free" games I plan to play through PS Now and PS Plus the number is considerably higher.

Yes, I've put a moritorium on buying new games until I get my backlog under control.

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If we include games I've purchased outright, about 20 or more. Almost all are digital titles I got on a sale. When I buy games physically, they don't tend to sit in my backlog.

If we're including games that I can access from PS Plus Monthly games, PS Now, and the like it's gotta be closer to 100.

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Of games I intend to play probably close to 100, unfortunately very weak to steam sales. I also have over 200 epic games from their free weekly stuff

Steam makes it easy to get unplayed games stat bit harder on console.

Steam Library: 706 games owned, 444 never played. (The vast majority of these 444 games are from bundles)

Xbox: 80 games played, 21 unplayed (only owned, not counting GWG or Gamepass titles)

PlayStation: 300 games played, 179 games in library, 25-ish unplayed. (library only includes ps4 digital titles).

Nintendo: 0? (There's no online achievements/stats, I could go through Switch library I guess but I'm not going to be able to look up 3ds/wii/wiiu) Will be mostly zero anyway as I generally only play Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles and it's rare I'll shell out full price for a Nintendo game and never play it.)

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Huge, very huge, hundreds, to much to count. Grew my backlog from single digit to over 300 in the last few years accross several Nintendo consoles. Recently downloaded Steam and bought Civilisation III. Didn't play it yet.
I'm not proud of myself.

Bonus: I should start doing that. I usually put anything remotely interesting on my wishlist and wait for a sale. Got 95% of my games on sale.

I've gotten almost 500 games on Steam, I've maybe beaten 30 - 50 of them? Not too mention all the console games I still have before I switched to PC. Most will never get beaten tbh.

Around 50, more or less.

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I have spent the year trying to cut it down as much as possible but more interesting games release and more deals happen than I can keep up with.

My current backlog is about 30 games, and the only reason it’s that’s low is that I got a bunch out of the way in the first half of the year. I have about 10 I consider higher priority than the rest though

6-10 games now due to blackfriday purchases but it usually is in the 1-3 range.

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