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Steam makes it easy to get unplayed games stat bit harder on console.

Steam Library: 706 games owned, 444 never played. (The vast majority of these 444 games are from bundles)

Xbox: 80 games played, 21 unplayed (only owned, not counting GWG or Gamepass titles)

PlayStation: 300 games played, 179 games in library, 25-ish unplayed. (library only includes ps4 digital titles).

Nintendo: 0? (There's no online achievements/stats, I could go through Switch library I guess but I'm not going to be able to look up 3ds/wii/wiiu) Will be mostly zero anyway as I generally only play Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles and it's rare I'll shell out full price for a Nintendo game and never play it.)

Gamerscore:20,000  -  Trophies:3,800 -  Nintendo Awards: -1

My Xbox Series S is my baby. It grew up into an X.