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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How big is your gaming backlog?


How big is your gaming backlog?

0 games 19 2.56%
1 - 5 games 82 11.04%
6 - 10 games 57 7.67%
11 - 20 games 90 12.11%
21 - 30 games 46 6.19%
31 - 40 games 29 3.90%
41 - 50 games 24 3.23%
51 - 100 games 65 8.75%
101 - 200 games 72 9.69%
More than 200 games 259 34.86%


I'm currently only buying games that are deep discounted or indies, the next full price game I will get is going to be Splatoon 3 whenever it launches 

Edit: Checked my Steam account and it's actually in 20-30 range 

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Hello to all my fellow 200+ backlog gamers!


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Just a couple of days ago I counted 8 boxes of Switch or PS4 games that I hadn't yet touched.  However some of those boxes has multiple games in them (compilations, etc...).  So it was actually more like 18 games.

I usually don't have a backlog quite that big without counting my retro games.  However, this time it was due to a combination of getting games as gifts, waiting for Limited Run Games to finally deliver what I wanted, and me ignoring my single player games to play FFXIV instead.  My backlog would definitely be smaller if not for FFXIV.

If I include all the unplayed games I own, probably well over a hundred. If it's just game I actually intend to play at some point then it's somewhere around 50, which is actually much less than it was a few years ago.

I dont have a backlog as i play what i want when i want. My BF on the other hand well...I dont even know if i should say, but lets put the number north of 700 .

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Kingdom Hearts 3
Resident Evil 7

And that's about it. I don't understand backlog culture. Just seems like an awful waste of money (even if the games are bought on specials).

So many 200+ :o

Man, I'd be so stressed if I had 200 games in my backlog to get through. Y'all gotta be more discriminating and prune your lists.

If I count all the shitty games I bought for 2 Euro and all the Game Pass and Games with Gold games I would consider playing, then it's definitely a few hundred.
I got about 550 games installed on my Series X and I always delete games I've fully completed, so that number should be the minimum.

When it comes to games that are definitely worth playing I guess it's around 50-100 games that I really want to complete.

Something between 20 and 200 games, I don't keep track with all the digital platforms, even physical, for example I bought a lot of 40 PS3 games this year for reselling and some of them I would consider playing myself.

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

As a kid in the NES era, we never got a new game until we finished the one we had--which sucked because sometimes we picked the hardest games imaginable.

Somewhere around the 5th gen (age 20ish), I started relaxing on the rule and during the 7th gen, it was out of the window. I became more of a collector than a gamer. Now, I don't even collect. I'm full digital. I guess I'm just a buyer.

And my backlog is EASILY over 200. I just keep re-playing the games that I really enjoyed and buying things I hope to get around to (and downloading "free" games I'll never play). The gaming deficit continues to grow...

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