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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Series Owners, how satisfied are you?

Owned it since launch. I have probably spent about 20 hours in total in play time in the last year or so... And that was mostly remasters.

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Very satisfied with my series S. I bought it on a whim to get a different experience as I'm not usually and Xbox player. Gamepass is one of the best things to happen in gaming, and Forza Horizon 5 is top tier stuff. FPS boost is also an amazing feature and I'm glad they have extended that to 360 games too.

Pretty satisfied now that Forza and Halo are out. Hoping we can now get a constant stream of new games.

Extremely happy with my Series X. Game pass is amazing. I have been on playstation for four consecutive generations but this time I chose xbox.
Also having all those old games with 4k and/or 60fps is just brilliant.
I also have a PS5 but I dont even remember it exists.

I have had mine since launch day. I  love it alot. I have the xbox one x and xbox one and the series x for me is a huge jump. For me having gamepass is the icing on the cake as I got to play alot of aaa on series x and the quality of the visuals and the loading  times on them is beautiful and quick. You will have tonnes of games to play on series x.

Machine itself is very quite and small. A bit on the heavy side but its not bad.

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I love it! I have XBSX and this is by far the most versatile, out-of-the-box console I've ever owned. I'm having a blast with FH5 and MS flight sim ATM. All my XB1 and around 80% of my 360 games run great, with res and fps boosts. I've activated dev mode and installed retroarch on it. Now I can play all my console games (apart from the PS3/Switch and above ones) on a single machine. I think this aspect of XBS is often overlooked or unappreciated. This is the very first console on which you can legally, without modding, play games from every generation of consoles (not every system though) ... well, that's if you own them of course. Apart from that it's fast, quiet and reliable (not a single crash so far). Oh, and gamepass is fantastic. What's not to like.

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I had neither an XBox One nor a PS4, but my kids wanted an XBox for Christmas and I was able to secure a Series X at launch. We've been loving it so far, and are still playing it daily. In a way, it's more like the best XBox One you can buy rather than a true next-gen system so far, but since I never had an XBox One that's fine with me.

I've played almost exclusively Game Pass games, having only bought one game so far (Death's Door), but there's so many options that's worked fine for me and the kids.

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The console is pretty stellar. The XBox One X was an amazing upgrade last gen but this is a clear step above. It has a lot to do with load times, quick start and the improved stability in framerate that has sold it for me. The UI is the same though so it might not feel like such a big upgrade intitally.

In terms of games the year has been ok, some amazing titles but not that massive outpour of excellent titles that one would want within the first few months of a console´s release.

I´m a HUGE Halo fan so the big event is closing in on December 8th. Regardless, the console has had a pretty solid first year and I would give it a 7 out of 10.

Hardware wise, the Series X has delivered. Software wise, MS has also delivered but that is because Gamepass works out so well for my game playing habit. Its the main system I use on a daily basis for watching content and the Edge browser also comes in handy for watching some of my favorite websites for Anime and other content. Quick Resume is great when it works but still need work on consistency with every game. The new controller makes no mistakes and still is just as solid as every gen but I will say Sony took this one this year. The system is as quiet as can be no matter what I am using it for. So far the system has meet my expectations so now the wait for MS to ramp up on the software side.

I give it a 10! This has been my favorite console so far. I've had the first two PlayStations, then moved to 360 and Xbox One and Xbox One was definitely disappointing for the lack of games. I probably stopped playing halfway through that generation and when the pandemic hit I jump on Game Pass and bought Series X at launch. This machine rekindled my love for gaming and I can't imagine ever having loading screens! Well, at least they're not 2 minutes loading screens. I also love Quick Resume. I don't switch games that much but the few times I have I just was in awe that I could jump back to where I was in a previous game. Finally, Game Pass has made me play so many games I would've never played. Can I give Series X a 20 instead of a 10?