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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Series Owners, how satisfied are you?

I had left the console gaming space in 2016 to build a PC after being disappointed with the Xbox One and wanting something more powerful than a PS4. It was a no expense spared GTX 1080 build that I still use today and it had served me well.

Around late 2020 I was looking to upgrade it and build a new PC, but the parts shortages were starting to get really bad so after reading up on the new consoles I decided to give Xbox another chance and got a launch night Series X from the Microsoft store.

It took about a month to arrive (got it about mid December 2020) and since that point it’s been my primary gaming device, and I am thrilled with it. All of the games look great on a 4k tv and the backwards compatibility features + gamepass have been a game changer. I have tried more games in the past year than I did the previous 7 combined.

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I still have One X as a secondary console and at workplace. Really feels like gaming on a potato using them these days so yeah, I'm extremely satisfied with my Series X. It's a wonderful piece of hardware.

I'm going to have to upgrade those X1 consoles to Series S soon, just for the loading times. 

Because of Series X upgrades on games like The Division 2, State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves I've been happy about software side of things as well. There's a huge library of games to play and I don't even have time to play everything I want. 

Imaginedvl said:
mjk45 said:

I don't see myself being naïve, just that I take polls for what they are interesting titbits not to be taken to seriously especially on here, and getting back to the reason we are even discussing them, my original comment wasn't me advocating for a Poll but rather a continuation of years of me shit stirring  d21lewis in this case by accusing him of not having a poll because he was to stupid to make one but at the same time telling him to make one while providing him with pol questions that could only prove me right. to the last point there is bias on all sides but remember if you see through it it shouldn't affect you and doesn't matter so we including myself should be careful not to fall into the trap of overstating that bias lest it be seen as a persecution complex.

I want to be clear; I do not think it is bad or even unlogical to ask for a poll :) This would be the perfect thread for it obviously, so, even if you were poking d21lewis, I believe it was fair to ask for it! Just gave you my reasoning why I think a poll would be meaningless! 

You are right about the persecution complex or even overstating the bias and becoming the victim of it obviously, but there is a line between thinking that a poll would be meaningless (I think having a thread and people responding is better in that case) and feeling that we do not have a voice or cannot really get any valid data/information out of this forum userbase. Just that polls, are the worse for this right now and since a while on those forums :)

But more than ever (at least since the last generation started), lately we can really see a big difference (maybe because of lack of arguments, after all the Xbox One gave plenty of fuel for it), maybe for other reason, but it is swinging back :)

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