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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So, anyone here pick up the Switch OLED?

The display feels like it's a new system in some respects, it totally takes a shit on the old display, OLED is just way better technology which creates much more vibrant visuals.

And the bezel less design plus the sharp looking white joycons scream "Super Switch!". That's the good part. The downside is you realize just how shitty some games look and how dated the chip is at the same time. So it's kind of like this conflicting feeling you get. 

It would have been nice to have even just a 3DS XL type upgrade of the chip, something that at least allowed all games to run a stable 720p/30 fps locked undocked because the games that dip below 720p really are noticeable. So I mean if you have money to burn and play a lot undocked, I would bite, but if you need to be cost conscious and/or don't play a lot undocked I would wait for whatever model comes after this.

The Tegra X1 has served Nintendo well, but it's getting really long in the tooth and you feel it, this is a display that deserves a better chip under the hood, the day Nintendo moves on from this range of tech will be a good day for Nintendo gamers. Because this level screen with a 3x-5x jump in horse power is going to be so good together. By far the best display in a Nintendo portable device by light years. It leaves you wanting more ultimately, which I'm not sure is the feeling you want after spending $350. 

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It's 50% more expensive here than the base model, I don't know what happened there. Isn't the difference just 50 dollars in the US?

If my OG 2017 Switch breaks or if money was no object, then yes. Otherwise, I just can't justify spending $350 on a screen and battery upgrade. I'd rather spend it on a 24-month Gempass ultimate sub, or upgrade my PC. If the new Switch could run BOTW in 60 fps, that would be a day-one purchase for me, as the power (or the lack of it) is my biggest gripe with the NS in general and this new hardware doesn't address it.

I got it on Friday, loving it so far. Upgraded from the OG after seeing that I will get around 250€ for my old one on eBay. When the 2019 version came out I skipped, despite playing 50/50 in handheld/TV. So the longer battery is welcome, but the main reason I got it is for the screen, obviously. And it totally delivers! The size is now perfect, how I always wanted it to be and I noticed that it changed the way it feels to play games: it now feels more like I would actually play on the TV (albeit with lower res of course). And the OLED is just wow. Btw, I dont have any issues opening the game card slot and my nails are normal/not long. I think that was over-exaggerated.

So I'd say if you are playing in handheld a lot and you like a bigger and better screen sell your old one and you won't regret it. For people on the fence go check the screen out in a store.

Nope. Not really interested. The OG hybrid's screen is plenty good enough, I play on TV mode mostly these days anyway, and it's just not enough of an improvement to me to justify the expense in upgrading. Had it been capable of 4K docked, I would have upgraded as quickly as possible, though. I might have also tried to get one if I was a first time Switch buyer.

I have ordered the Metroid Dread collector's edition, though, so Nintendo did get some money from me this week.


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Pre-ordered, yes, but has not arrived yet.  RGT85 uploaded a video this weekend on Walmart holding up his preorder with no estimate of delivery as well.  Plan to give my launch day Switch to my wife and use the OLED myself as soon as it arrives.  

I got the white one. Beautiful screen. Totally worth it for me.
I started playing BoTW just to test it and at nightfall this screen is a sight to behold. Beautiful dark colors.

Anyone with the OLED that is using LAN, is Smash better online or still a hot mess because of the netcode issue? I really hope the next Smash game launches with rollback netcode. Smash was one of my favorite series when I played locally with people, and it still probably would be if I was young and pulling all-nighters with friends, but that isn't the reality for me and I need something that feels instant when I input controls and Smash Ultimate is horrible in that regard.

curl-6 said:
Captain_Yuri said:

I am on the fence as ebgames allows me to trade in my regular switch and buy a switch OLED for $170 (regular price is $450). But I am struggling to find a compelling reason to upgrade. Yea OLED and other minor improvements but it just feels so underwhelming. We will see though.

Think how good your porn games will look on it. ;)

There are porn games on Switch?

He can play the uncut versions on his Steam Dick Deck soon.

For me, the price is insignificant compared to the amount of time I play the Switch. I am a fairly dedicated Switch gamer, who will play anywhere from 500 to over 1000 hours per year. The few hundred to increase the quality of the experience is more than justified.

My old Switch will be a hand-me-down :D

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