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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So, anyone here pick up the Switch OLED?

rapsuperstar31 said:

I'm not planning on it, if it improved graphics or frame rate while plugged into the tv I would have considered it. For those who are a Gamestop Pro member, they are giving you $260 for a trade in of your old Switch. $220 is the regular trade in value plus a $40 bonus.

I traded my old one in. It was overheating anyway. I only paid $330 out the door for an OLED, Metroid Special Edition, Ridley Amiibo, and Samus/EMMI Amiibo set, and the upgrade to Pro. Not too bad a deal as I was expecting to go $5-$600 in the hole on the day. 

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Yep and loving it. Can't see myself looking at that hideous screen on the first one ever again. Using that lovely built in lan adapter as well. Table top mode feels so much better now, can now stand up on my pillow! Great improvement all around no matter the mode. I also have Overwatch and Paladins downloaded on my internal storage, really helps with Overwatch's loading.

I am on the fence as ebgames allows me to trade in my regular switch and buy a switch OLED for $170 (regular price is $450). But I am struggling to find a compelling reason to upgrade. Yea OLED and other minor improvements but it just feels so underwhelming. We will see though.


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Yeah, arrives thursday, i'm hype as hell.

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I plan to get it this week, but have been really busy but his week, and will be next week. It’s going to be my prize at the end of it all :D

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I work from home now so i don't need the handheld mode much anymore. If that recently changes, then it's a maybe.

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Yes - The much better display is a massive improvement, bigger screen is really nice - didnt expect it to be a big difference but it really is and buildquality feels like a huge step up. Feels premium!

No regrets, it will definitely make me play more games handheld that's for sure.

I tried to get one but they were all sold out in my little city. Gamestop had a line of like 30 people when they opens at 10, but half of those were there for Pokemon cards.

Hopefully I'll be able to pick one up later this week.

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